Loretta Lynn Posts Amazing Behind the Scenes Photo From ‘Ain’t No Time to Go’ Music Video Filming

by Clayton Edwards

Loretta Lynn released “Ain’t No Time to Go,” on September 26, 2018. She dropped the video the same day. The song was the third single from Wouldn’t It Be Great which came out earlier that year. However, the Coal Miner’s Daughter had to go through some hard times before the album hit shelves.

Loretta Lynn originally planned to drop Wouldn’t It Be Great in August of 2017. However, she suffered a stroke in May of that year. So, she wasn’t able to tour and promote the album the way she wanted. As a result, they pushed the release back. The story of hardship and grit behind the album make the photo that she shared on Twitter today even cooler. Check it out below.

In the photo, you can see Loretta Lynn sporting a huge smile while surrounded by a five-piece string band. The caption says that they were working hard and having fun in the heat while working on the video for “Ain’t No Time to Go.”

So, it was only a little over a year after Loretta Lynn had her stroke. That stroke caused her to shelve an album and cancel numerous tour dates. However, it didn’t take her long to get out there and get back to work.

That hard work paid off. Loretta Lynn and her team put together a great video. It goes back and forth between Lynn in a room alone and a good old-fashioned barn dance. Check out the video below. Then, we’ll look at the song.

A Closer Look At Loretta Lynn’s 2018 Single

In a reply to her original post, Lorretta Lynn encourages her followers to go listen to the song. She said that the song tells a story. What she doesn’t say is that it tells a bittersweet and touching story.

“Ain’t No Time To Go,” is from the perspective of a woman who is watching her husband die. That’s something that Loretta Lynn has been through. Her husband passed away back in the summer of 1996 just five days before his 70th birthday. So, that explains why she can inject so much authentic emotion into the song.

 The song is full of reasons why the husband has to stick around a little longer. In the first couple of verses, Loretta Lynn’s reasoning is practical. Spring is coming, the fields need to be plowed, and the fences need mending. Furthermore, the kids need his guidance and their son is too young to be the man of the house. Each of these is followed by, “Ain’t no time to go, darlin’.”

As the song goes on, Loretta Lynn gets a little more personal. “I ain’t as strong as you think I am. / Ain’t no time to go darlin’. / And I’ll be doin’ the best I can. / Ain’t no time to go darlin’.”

Loretta Lynn’s vocals give the lyrics even more weight. It feels personal. At the same time, it’s relatable. Give it a listen.