Loretta Lynn Remembers ‘Nashville Original’ Ralph Emery in Touching Tribute

by Jonathan Howard

As the country music world reacts to the news of Ralph Emery’s death, Loretta Lynn has posted a touching tribute to her old friend.

When it comes to Nashville icons, Emery is rivaled by few others. Over the years, he brought country music to radios throughout the eastern and central United States. Of course, it makes sense that Lynn and Emery have crossed paths in the past. Both were instrumental pieces in popularizing the genre.

Loretta Lynn sat across from the legendary interviewer in the past. She knew better than most how kind and genuine Emery was. Check out her tweets below and see her heartfelt message.

“It breaks my heart to learn of Ralph Emery’s passing,” the message started. “Ralph and I go way back. He was a Nashville original and you cannot underestimate the role he played in the growth and success of country music. He made you feel at ease and interviewed everyone just like an old friend. From WSM to Nashville Now, he was one of the best. He became a dear friend to me and Doo through the years and I’m gonna miss him. I wish we could sit down together for a talk just one more time. I’m sending all my love to Joy and his family.”

In her lifetime, Lynn has interacted with some of the most famous and iconic figures in entertainment. However, Emery was a different kind of figure. He made his own way through his career. Paving a unique path and making a name for himself every step of the way. The conversational tone and friendly manner he brought to every interview made each one special.

Loretta Lynn Honors Broadcast Legend

Starting in the mid-1950s, Emery hit the radio scene. The broadcast icon would go on to find success and quick. Soon, he was on the TV in Nashville. After a while, he was put on TNN. That channel is where he sat down and listened and spoke with some of Nashville’s greatest and most talented residents and guests.

When Lynn sat down and spoke with Emery, she would open up more than in any other setting. Emery’s research and approach to each interview allowed him to be truly great. The tone he took allowed these artists to unwind and talk freely. Lynn talked to him about tragedy. Conway Twitty dying. Her husband’s fight with his health issues. And much more.

Thankfully, Ralph Emery, just like Loretta Lynn, has a huge catalog of content. There are interviews, conversations, and more that he did throughout the years that fans can still turn to and appreciate, despite his passing. Of course, the country music world is going to be missing Emery and his presence. He is irreplaceable to the fabric of the genre.