Loretta Lynn Reveals Behind the Scenes Look of ‘Still Woman Enough’ Featuring Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire

by Clayton Edwards

Loretta Lynn released her fiftieth solo album just two days ago. The album, Still Woman Enough is a celebration of women in country music. Lynn has been one of the most outspoken women in the genre for years. Many of her hit songs deal with issues that women face. At the same time, she regularly sings of the strength that women show during these struggles. So, it comes as no surprise that The Coal Miner’s Daughter used this milestone to celebrate the strong women of country music.

She couldn’t celebrate those women all by herself, though. Instead, Loretta Lynn enlisted some of the most prominent women of the genre from the past few decades to help her out. The album is packed with features. Lynn teams up with Margo Price, Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood, and Tanya Tucker over the course of the album’s thirteen tracks.

Loretta Lynn Takes Fans Behind the Scenes of Still Woman Enough Title Track

The title track and album opener on Still Woman Enough features three of the biggest names in country music. It just so happens that those names are all attached to incredible women. The track includes Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood, and of course, Loretta Lynn. Just thinking about the power, talent, and experience in the room when the three of them get together is enough to give you chills. If you haven’t heard the track, check it out. Then, we’ll go behind the scenes with the stars.

The behind-the-scenes video dropped the same day as Loretta Lynn’s new album. In the clip, you can hear bits and pieces of the song. At the same time, there are some shots of the stars in the studio together. Most importantly, though, we get to hear what Carrie Underwood and Reba McEntire had to say about both Loretta Lynn and the song on which they collaborated.

Carrie Underwood Talks About “Still Woman Enough”

Carrie Underwood opened the video by saying this is the first time that she has had the honor of singing with the country icon. She has, however, sang for her and around her. Both of which, she said, were great experiences. Being on a track with Loretta Lynn is the icing on the cake for Carrie. About the song, she said that when she heard the title she knew it was going to be something sassy. She said that it’s more than that, though. The song was a chance to lift one another up. That was her favorite thing about the song.

To her, Loretta Lynn and other strong ladies of country music are immeasurably important. It was stars like Lynn that showed Carrie Underwood that it was possible to be a country music star.

Reba on Loretta Lynn

Reba McEntire said that she was honored to be invited to sing with Loretta Lynn. She is a huge fan. Reba said that she has learned so much from Lynn over to course of her life. One thing that she learned from Lynn was to be strong and stand up for herself. A lesson, Reba said, that her mother also taught her. Toward the end of the video, Reba gets choked up while talking about how much Loretta Lynn means to her. In a statement that country music fans around the world can agree with, she said, “I love her. She is the most special thing country music, I think, has ever had. I mean that with all my heart.”

Regarding the song, Reba said that this is an anthem that women can carry with them forever. There is no questioning the fact that all three of them are still woman enough to take on whatever comes their way.

Do yourself a favor and check out Still Woman Enough today. You can stream it on Apple Music or Spotify. If you want a physical copy, CDs and Vinyl are available everywhere.