Loretta Lynn Says She’s Not a ‘Risk Taker,’ Controversial Songs Were Just ‘What I Feel’

by Will Shepard

Loretta Lynn will always be a trailblazer for women in music. She was able to open doors into a world that many thought would never open. She is a name that music will never forget.

Loretta Lynn released a new album with 13 brand new recordings on it. On the album, all of the songs were from her life experiences. So, it seems appropriate to delve into those life experiences and examine what they mean.

Loretta Lynn has never seen herself as a trailblazer. In an interview with Parade recently, she talks about the influence that she has had on female musicians. She was asked whether or not she is a risk-taker.

“Risk-taker, no, I just write what I feel, what is going on with me and my life. It just happened that a lot of other women felt the same. I would never set out to write something just for it to shock someone; I am not that clever. It’s always been about truth and if that means radio wants to ban it, well that’s their problem. Most of my records they banned became No. 1 anyway.”

Loretta Lynn Did Not See Her Work as Trailblazing or Risky, Just Necessary

A lot of her early music releases were almost instantly banned from the radio. Her 1970s records, “The Pill” and “Rated X,” were both subjected to bans. Consequently, a lot of her career was spent battling to get her music accepted.

Loretta Lynn also mentions that she was not the only person working their way into the music industry. She talks about the tremendous respect she has for those women as well.

“Tanya has been my friend for almost 50 years. She was just a little girl starting out when we met. Reba and Carrie, I think, are the best in the business, but more than that, they are good people. Margo and I got to know each other the last few years. I love her songwriting, and she sings it with heart and guts. I see a little bit of myself in her.”

As amazing as Loretta Lynn is, it can go without saying that her music was incredibly influential. The work she was doing to break into the music industry was certainly risky. So much could have gone wrong, but the musician got everything right.