Loretta Lynn Sends Bret Michaels Special Birthday Message: ‘Rose To My Thorns’

by Maggie Schneider

Loretta Lynn is wishing her friend and Poison frontman Bret Michaels a happy birthday via Twitter. It is fun to see well-known music stars coming together to celebrate each other. Loretta Lynn is doing just this in her latest tweet. The country star is wishing Bret Michaels a happy birthday, including pictures from their music-filled times together.

“Happy Birthday to my buddy, @bretmichaels! Recording together and our having our own jam sessions have always been such fun. Hands down, you’re always the rose to my thorns,” she writes.

The Poison frontman is seen smiling and hugging his friend, Loretta Lynn. Newly 59 years old, the pictures are taken after a special moment between the pair. Fans can hear Lynn singing “You Are My Sunshine” in a special audio recording made for Michaels himself. He says that the country icon made his day.

“The world would be a lot better place if we started spreading a little more hope & sunshine & a little less fear & hopelessness. Just a thought,” he writes.

Fans React to Loretta Lynn and Bret Michaels’ Friendship

Fans love to see the sweet exchanges between Loretta Lynn and Bret Michaels. Music lovers from all over the world love their friendship. “I used to sing that song to my babies to help them sleep. That’s so cool that Loretta sang it to you!” one fan writes.

“Hope you are doing well, Bret! This is so special and yes the world would be a much better place if we could all spread hope and love!” another adds. We hope to see more glimpses of the pair’s friendship on social media.

Loretta Lynn Reflects on Career

Loretta Lynn is one of the country’s brightest stars, let alone an advocate for women’s rights. Used to speaking her mind in interviews and in song, the singer looks back on her career in an interview with AARP. This is a rare occurrence, since the star has lived a more private life since her stoke in 2017.

“I think the highest point of my career was in the late ‘70s,” she begins. “I had No. 1 songs, a best-selling book and a movie made about my life. But I think it was also the lowest point for me as well. Life gets away from you so fast when you move fast. When I look back on that time, I can’t help but feel sorry for myself because I didn’t really understand all that was happening. I didn’t get to enjoy it like I wished I would’ve.”

All in all, making music is still the thing that makes her happy.

“Singing and writing are who I am. It makes me feel alive and happy. I am thankful I am still able to write what I think are good songs and share them with my fans.”