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Loretta Lynn Sends Special Birthday Message to ‘Mountain-Sister’ Dolly Parton

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Ron Davis/Getty Images)

Everyone is celebrating the iconic Dolly Parton today! In fact, Loretta Lynn shared a heartfelt message to her friend and “mountain-sister” on Twitter.

When it comes to country music, the support the artists have for each other is unreal. To celebrate Dolly’s birthday, Loretta shared a sweet message with a throwback picture of the two.

Just like every other birthday post, fans are flooding the comments. One user said, “Happy birthday to the best damn singer out there. Love ya Dolly.”

Soon after, another user said they hope Loretta’s home, Hurricane Mills, is recovering from the recent flooding. “Hope you’re all well there Mrs Lynn and I hope Hurricane Mills is recovering from the flooding a while back. I love that place. Our regular stop everytime we go to Tennessee.”

From mountain-sisters to growing in their music together, they will have each other’s backs forever.

Loretta Lynn Takes Time to Remember a Nashville Legend

If there’s one thing people love most about Loretta Lynn, it’s the amount of love she has for everyone she knows. Recently, Loretta took the time to remember her dear friend in Nashville, Ralph Emery.

Emery passed away on January 15, 2022. And Loretta reflected on their time together in a heartfelt message on Twitter.

In the tweet, Loretta Lynn said, “It breaks my heart to learn of Ralph Emery’s passing. Ralph and I go way back. He was a Nashville original and you cannot underestimate the role he played in the growth and success of country music. He made you feel at ease and interviewed everyone just like an old friend.”

Every icon in Nashville looked forward to their interviews with Ralph. That’s just the kind of person he was and Loretta definitely honors that personality.

Loretta’s Career From the Beginning to Now

Loretta Lynn is a country music icon with countless hit songs. Surely you’ve heard Coal Miner’s Daughter or Love Is the Foundation at least once in your life.

However, after the release of Coal Miner’s Daughter, she published a book with the same storyline. The book became so popular, they turned it into a film, according to Biography.

To stay up-to-date with all things Loretta Lynn, check out her website here.