Loretta Lynn Shares Photo From Childhood to Wish Fans Happy Easter

by Emily Morgan

In honor of the Easter holiday, Loretta Lynn posted a throwback photo of herself from her Butcher Holler days as a young girl. On social media, the “Coal Miner’s Daughter” singer posted the pic, with a caption that read, “I know I’ve shared this before but it’s the first thing that comes to my mind every Easter. I have so much to be thankful for.” 

In the heartfelt post from 2019, Lynn reshared her thoughts on the holiday and the immense amount of gratitude she feels. 

“Yesterday, a friend asked me what comes to my mind when I think about Easter and quickly I realized two things come to my mind,” she began the post. “First, how thankful I am for God’s love, forgiveness, and help. I tell you, I couldn’t have made it without all He’s done for me.”

Loretta Lynn Celebrates Easter by Remembering Roots

For this Easter, the legendary singer has much to celebrate. Just weeks before her 88th birthday, she released her 50th studio album, Still Woman Enough. In doing so, she proved she’s just as timeless as ever— if not more. Her hauntingly beautiful voice reminds us why she’s maintained a high caliber of notoriety in the country music industry. Yet, she’s remained loyal to her roots, never forgetting that she was born in a two-room cabin in the coal-mining town of Butcher Hollow, Kentucky. Despite the hardships, she’s thankful for her humble upbringing. 

“Then I immediately think of being a little girl in Butcher Holler. Easter was so special. I could hardly wait with expectation, knowing that my mommy was making me the prettiest of flour sack dresses I’d get all year. For Easter, she went the extra mile with every bit of frill and beauty she could add to it. Some years, when she could scrap it together, somehow, I’d get a pair of sandals to match.’ 

By 15, Lynn was already married and was raising four children before her 20 birthday. Still, she prevailed. She hit Music Row with a force unlike any other.

Lynn on Humble Beginnings: ‘I Was So Happy and So Thankful’

Fast forward half a century, and she remains thankful for her roots. While some might shy away from revealing their poor upbringing, she wears it like a badge of honor. 

“It’s hard for folks to understand what it was really like back then, way back in the holler, Lynn said. “I wore those flour sack Easter dresses to Sunday School and church like I was the Queen of England.” According to Lynn, she was “so happy and so thankful and so proud.

“I tell you the truth that to this day, I think those dresses were more beautiful to me than any designer ballgown I’ve ever worn. Mommy made them with love and that’s something I’ll never forget. For me, Easter is God’s love, redemption, forgiveness, new starts, and pretty little flour sack Easter dresses in the back hills of Kentucky.”