Loretta Lynn Speaks Out After Ranch Foreman Wayne Spears Dies in Flood

by Taylor Cunningham

In a touching tribute yesterday, Loretta Lynn addressed the loss of her friend and ranch foreman Wayne Spears.

Heavy storms tore through small towns in middle Tennessee over the weekend. And the rain caused major flooding that left at least 22 dead, and 20 more people are still missing.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, the Loretta Lynn Ranch confirmed that a flood victim was one of their own. 

“With the heaviest of hearts, we are saddened to report that our beloved foreman Wayne Spears did not survive being swept up in the flood waters.”

Loretta shared the post on her personal page to further grieve the loss of her friend. “There are no words at the ranch today…only tears. Our ranch family is our family,” she wrote.

“We lost my amazing ranch foreman, Wayne in this devastating flood. He took such good care of things here on the ranch for us. He’s one of us and the whole Lynn family Is heartbroken,” Lynn continued. “Please pray for his precious family and friends.”

According to the Loretta Lynn Ranch, which is a campground and event venue, Wayne had been Loretta’s friend and foreman for decades.

“The Ranch will never be the same without him but he will always be remembered for his ready smile, kind heart, and willingness to go the extra mile for everyone around him,” read the original Facebook post.

“Eventually we’ll rebuild our community, our ranch, our lives and our homes. but only God could build a man like Wayne Spears. There’s just no replacing that. May he rest in peace.”

Loretta Lynn’s Sister Posts Pictures of Devestating Floods

The flooding that took the life of Wayne Spears brought 17 inches of rain to the Loretta Lynn Ranch on Saturday.

Using Facebook, Loretta Lynn’s sister, Crystal Gayle, posted pictures of the aftermath.

“To grasp the entirety of what has happened today is impossible. From start to finish, we’ve cried, we’ve prayed, we’ve searched, we’ve worried, we’ve helped,” she wrote.

The Loretta Lynn Ranch is located in Humphreys County, which was one of the areas hardest hit by the record-breaking rainfall. The pictures share the story of the aftermath and pain felt by the community.

The post shows rapid waters leaving homes and businesses completely destroyed. Gayle wrote that her town is suffering from “catastrophic losses.” Gayle also wrote, “Hundreds of homes and businesses destroyed, thousands of cars flooded and wrapped around trees, poles, bridges, houses, etc…or just plain flipped over.”

The Loretta Lynn Ranch will likely be closed until next year.

In the wake of the flooding, Crystal Gayle asks for help from anyone who can volunteer. She writes that everyone’s lives have changed, and many of their residents are now homeless. “We ALL need help,” she said. “A LOT OF HELP. A LOT OF PRAYERS.”

“Please pray for our town. We are in dire need of some Divine Intervention right now. Thank you all, God bless…”