Loretta Lynn Teases ‘New Projects’ in 2021

by Katie Maloney

Loretta Lynn hints to fans that she’ll be releasing new music in 2021.

The country music legend took to Instagram recently to celebrate the New Year. In the post, Lynn surprised fans by hinting that she is “looking forward to some new projects in 2021.” Lynn also thanked Apple Music for naming her album Coal Miner’s Daughter a Classic Album.

Along with some art for the album, Lynn writes “I am so glad it’s a new year! I’m looking forward to some new projects in 2021. Thank you @applemusic for naming Coal Miner’s Daughter a Classic Album! It feels like just yesterday that we cut that album. Add the album to your library today and leave me a comment below with your favorite song and lyric.”

Besides the announcement, no other details were provided. Don’t tease us like this, Loretta!

Loretta Lynn Dreamed Of Having An All-Woman Band

In her memoir, Coal Miner’s Daughter, Lynn writes that she dreamed of putting together an all-woman band called the Lynettes. However, people were skeptical of the idea.

“It was the old double standard again,” she writes. “People started saying you can’t have a traveling girl band—if you had one incident, people would start gossiping about it. But an all-girl band would have been fantastic.”

Although her dream for the Lynettes was never realized. Lynn did hire an all-male band to perform alongside her called the Coal Miners.

With songs like “The Pill,” “Fist City,” and “You Ain’t Woman Enough,” Lynn and her band never failed to produce hits. So now we speculate – what could these new projects be?

Lynn released her 45th solo studio album, Wouldn’t It Be Great in 2018. She published her memoir in 1976 and it was turned into a movie in 1980. So, there really isn’t much that Lynn hasn’t already done. We’re holding out for The Lynettes in 2021.