Loretta Lynn Is Thankful for Faith, Kids, Friends, Family, and America

by Michael Freeman

As the name suggests, Thanksgiving is a day to express what we’re joyous about and thankful for. Loretta Lynn took to Instagram to do the same and she’s thankful for a lot of things, to say the least.

Loretta Lynn’s post is as heartwarming as it is emotional. To put it simply, she’s thankful for pretty much everything. Asking anyone reading what’s not to love about today, she’s clearly feeling the holiday spirit.

“I love Thanksgiving!” Lynn happily captions the post. “The fall weather, the fall colors, all the amazing food cooking, and the family together…what’s not to love! I was asked this week to make a list of things I’m thankful for. First I said there’s too many for a list but here’s my top five! Make your own list today, it’ll make you feel good. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!”

Lynn then goes on to talk about all the things that are especially valuable to her: her faith, her kids, her friends, her fans, and America. These five things help complete her and are what she reports being most thankful for.

Her followers clearly appreciate the sentiment and the comments reflect Lynn’s well-wishes back to her. “Happy Thanksgiving @lorettalynnofficial !!!!!!! My day is always brighter because of you, I Love You so very much. God Bless,” one follower replied. “Happy Thanksgiving to you n yours Loretta!!” another chimed in.

Loretta Lynn Also Took the Time to Remember her Mom on the Anniversary of her Death

Though Loretta Lynn wasn’t shy today expressing what she’s thankful for, she also took time yesterday to remember someone close to her. Specifically, she remembered and honored her mother on the anniversary of her death, saying “she’s still my hero.”

Posting a handful of throwback photos on Instagram yesterday, Lynn remembered the Thanksgivings they shared. More than that though, she spoke of what a role model her mother was and how much she still misses her today.

“We lost our Mommy on this day in 1981,” Lynn captioned the post. “It doesn’t matter how old I get, she’s still my hero. I still miss her. The woman in my song Coal Miner’s Daughter isn’t a fictional character. She was my best friend, my biggest cheerleader, my counselor, and sometimes my reality check. Mommy was a treasure.”

Continuing, Lynn said “She always made do. She never complained. She was tough and kind. When I count my blessings, being her daughter is right up top.”