Loretta Lynn Was Garth Brooks’ Date for 2010 Awards Ceremony: Here’s Why

by Emily Morgan

In 2018, in honor of Loretta Lynn’s 87th birthday, singers such as Garth Brooks, George Strait, and Alan Jackson took the stage at Nashville’s Bridgestone arena to pay tribute to the coal miner’s daughter.

Before the birthday celebration scheduled for April 1st, Lynn took to Facebook to announce the event live via the Grand Ole Opry’s Facebook page.

The country legend was seated on stage to reveal the big news and later joined by fellow country star Garth Brooks.

After Loretta Lynn took some questions from the viewers, Brooks told a story about going on a date with Lynn several years ago when Lynn was honored with the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award” at that year’s Grammys.

“When I was lucky enough to be talking about being her date for the Lifetime Achievement Award for the Grammys at the Ryman, I’d never performed at the Ryman before,” he said. “We got to perform ‘After the Fire is Gone.’ So when I asked her if it’s going to be a date, I said, ‘You want a limousine or you want a truck?’ She said ‘Truck.’ Right there I knew I was going to be at home. It was going to be fun.”

Loretta Lynn Leaves Special Surprise in Brooks’ Truck

However, Brooks didn’t realize how much fun he would have with his date until she got in his truck.

“She walked right up to the driver’s door. Oh, my gosh. This is right out of Oklahoma, where I grew up,” Brooks said. “I opened the door. She jumped in, scooted over and sat right in the middle. And I’m driving, going, ‘This is Loretta Lynn, and I have her on my arm!’ The whole trip there. We get out, I get out, and that truck still has so much glitter. You can clean it a hundred times. It’s still got glitter in the seats, glitter on the floorboard. It’s my favorite part.”

“Well, I had to glitter up!” Lynn admitted.

During the live event on Facebook, Brooks continued to gush over Lynn, describing her as a “pioneer” in the country music genre.

“She is a pioneer … because a pioneer never stops being a pioneer, and that definitely defines this woman,” he explains. “Especially in this day and time, where women notably have to work a thousand times harder to get a tenth as much as guys do.”