Loretta Lynn Posts Sweet Selfie With Granddaughter Tayla With Heartwarming Message About Her New Covers Album: ‘She’s Rocking It’

by Clayton Edwards

Loretta Lynn is many things to many people. However, most people know her as a country music icon. She has been a voice for women in country music for decades. At the same time, she has written and recorded some of the best country songs in history. Today, even Dolly Parton thinks of her as the Queen of Country Music. Up-and-coming recording artist Tayla Lynn, however, just calls her Memaw.

The Coal Miner’s Daughter isn’t just Tayla’s grandmother, though. She is also her inspiration. Tayle proved that earlier this year when she released Tayla Lynn Sings Loretta Lynn. As the title implies, it is a tribute album to her legendary grandmother. The album contains many of Loretta’s biggest hits. Just like any loving grandmother, the elder Lynn couldn’t be more proud or supportive of her granddaughter’s career.

Recently, Loretta Lynn posted a sweet selfie of her and Tayla. However, the caption showed just how much Loretta loves the fact that her granddaughter is following in her footsteps. Check out the post below.

 In the caption, Loretta Lynn wrote that her followers had checked out Tayla’s new album. She goes on to say, “I just love that she wants to sing my songs. Family is everything and I’m so proud of how hard she’s working out there and how it’s starting to pay off.” Then, Lynn added a link to buy Tayla’s record. Of course, Loretta is helping to push the album. However, the most interesting part about that is that you can go to the Coal Miner’s Daughter’s online store and pick up her granddaughter’s debut solo release. The fact that she sells the record from her online storefront shows how much she supports Tayla’s venture.

More About Loretta Lynn’s Granddaughter Tayla

Tayla knew that Loretta Lynn was famous when she was young. In fact, she spent many childhood days in the back of her grandmother’s tour bus. However, she wasn’t aware that her sweet Memaw was a country music icon. When Tayla was young, she didn’t hear Loretta or the radio nor did she see her on TV. So, she didn’t understand how important Loretta was. That all changed in 1997, according to The Ties That Bind Us.

In that year, Loretta Lynn invited Tayla to come on tour with her. This time, though, she wasn’t just sharing snuggle time with her grandmother between tour stops. Instead, Tayla was her opening act. Seeing how the crowd reacted to Loretta and her performance showed her just how important her Memaw was to millions of people.

“That’s when I realized she’s a living legend.” Said Tayla of the experience. Then, about Loretta Lynn, she added, “She just has this grace about her, because even when she was out doing a concert all over the world, she would talk to everybody like she does in our living room… She really loves people and is just always thankful.”