Luke Bryan Admits He Wants to Go Under the Mistletoe with Betty White

by Charles Craighill

Earlier today, several Country music stars revealed who they might want to bump into under the mistletoe. For most of them, their secret someone was somewhere around their age. For Luke Bryan, that secret someone might have been their age fifty years ago. In the video interview with Taste of Country, Bryan did not even hesitate to admit that he would like to see Betty White under the mistletoe this year. His wife has refused to comment on his decision as of yet.

To be fair, who wouldn’t want to give the ageless wonder a smooch? The only other person in the world who seems to have tricked time like Betty White is the Queen Elizabeth of England. With triple digits right around the corner, the Queen of Comedy still kicks. So really, who could blame Luke Bryan?

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline Boyer

If anyone could get mad at Luke Bryan for his secret someone, no one would blame his wife, Caroline. The couple’s 13-year marriage (and even longer relationship) has had its ups and downs. Now, five kids later, Caroline and Luke still feel the spark. So it’s probably safe to say that Caroline can forgive Luke for this one.

Earlier this year, Bryan revealed that Caroline actually gave him his best Christmas gift ever. In 1996, Luke Bryan’s brother died in a car accident. Years later, Caroline put on her detective hat and looked up the VIN number for his brother’s truck. When Christmas day rolled around, the truck sat in the driveway waiting for Luke. “Let’s just say yes, the tears were flowing and that will never be topped,” Luke said about the gift.

Now, the truck serves as Bryan’s turkey hunting truck. “That truck is where we do our turkey hunting; it’s the turkey hunting truck,” he said. “So, all my turkey hunting gear stays in there, and when the boys see me pull up in my brother’s truck, they know we’re fixing to go turkey hunting.”