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Luke Bryan Attempts Taking Wife Caroline Hunting, It Goes Horribly

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Besides country music, Luke Bryan’s greatest passion is hunting. The country singer tries to share that passion with his wife Caroline. And it went horribly.

As the saying goes, the couple that hunts together stays together. The Bryans decided to hit the waterways for a little duck hunting on what Caroline called a “duck date.” Next time, maybe a movie would be a better idea. But despite a few setbacks, the two certainly had fun. Caroline documented the entire experience on her Instagram stories.

On Instagram, she wrote, “When he asked me to go on a date, didn’t realize it would be hunting…..guess I’m going hunting today. And I love ducks….so I might sabotage this hunt too.”

The couple appeared to have been successful in a hunt. A video clip shows a dog wielding a duck between its mouth. But perhaps, Caroline misspoke when she said sabotage. The couple soon got their off-road vehicle stuck in the mud of one of the waterways. Water soon filled the cab of the vehicle up to the steering wheel, and the couple had to abandon the vehicle.

Luke Bryan Shares Hunting with His Sons

Bryan also likes to share hunting with his two sons Bo and Tate. The trio also goes out in the woods to try to kill a deer or turkey. They’ve even traveled to Colorado to hunt elk in the Rocky Mountains.

“I feel like hunting and fishing are the best way to make your children really well rounded. I want my sons to be athletic, I want them to grow up to be gentlemen. And I want them to be avid outdoorsmen,” Bryan told Hook and Barrel. “That’s what my dad did for me when I was young, and I think it’s important.”

While country music often keeps him on the road, Bryan said that hunting has helped him connect with his sons. He previously confessed to picking them up early from school to go hunting. Bryan loves hunting of all kinds.

“It’s always challenging when you’re gone a lot to make the time really count when you are at home. And it’s hard making time for them during the week because they’re in school,” Bryan said. “’Most dads’ off time is on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and that’s usually when I’m working the most. So sometimes I do pick them up early from school to go turkey hunt or go deer hunt.”

It’s something that the Bryans share together, although his wife Caroline may sometimes be a less than willing participant.