Luke Bryan Celebrates Son Bo’s Birthday in Photo That’s a Spitting Image of Him

by Jacklyn Krol
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Luke Bryan is the spitting image of his son Bo.

Bo just celebrated his 14th birthday and the American Idol judge paid tribute to his son via an Instagram post with a sweet photo.

“Happy birthday Bo Bryan. 14 already. Time please slow down. I love you,” he captioned the photo.

Jason Aldean, Randy Houser Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild all wished him a happy birthday in the comments section. “The boy has grown up. So sweet,” Luke Bryan’s mother LeClaire added.

His mother Caroline also shared a birthday tribute to her teenager. She shared a photo of her attempting to kiss her son, who was pulling away.

“And just like that…he’s 14,” Caroline wrote in an Instagram post. “My baby is officially bigger than me and won’t let me kiss him. You’ll always be my little “Bushwood Country Club Caddie”. I love you Bo!!! Ps…you should let me kiss you whenever I want. You and Tate wrecked my HooHa for life!

See the uncanny resemblance, below:

Despite their kids growing up, they still find time to get together to enjoy as a family.

“We get to live with Kelly through her children,” Bryan told People of his sister. “And we see so many things in her children that remind us of her.”

Fans will recall that his sister Kelly passed away in 2007 and her husband Ben passed away in 2014 from a heart attack. Luke and Caroline adopted Til and he moved in with the family while Jordan and Kris were of legal age. He went to college at the University of Georgia where he is now a sophomore.

Bryan hopes to be “uncle and friend and hopefully a glimpse of a father-like example” to Til.

“When you plan a trip to the beach or going snow skiing, then hey, you gotta have a spot for the kids and their boyfriends or girlfriends, and we all load up. And that’s the fun of it,” Bryan said.

Luke Bryan on His Family Life

Luke Bryan might have quite the large family, but it is definitely growing thanks to Caroline and her nonprofit work.

During an episode of  Live! With Kelly and Ryan, Seacrest spoke about the time that he visited the Bryan family farm complete with a porch turkey.

“A new animal shows up, like, every day,” Bryan admitted. “We have donkeys, pot-bellied pigs, pet turkeys…it goes on and on and on. Llamas, miniature goats. All this miniature stuff.” He doesn’t even know how many he has or how much it costs.

“I told my accountant, ‘Whatever you do, never let me see the bill for all these animals. I’ll be done,” he said with a laugh.