Luke Bryan Celebrates Working Farmers and Getting Up at the Crack of Dawn

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Erika Goldring/WireImage)

Alongside stunning footage and a powerful message, country superstar Luke Bryan is saluting American farmers through Rise before Sunrise.

“Not everyone can say they’ve given more to the world than they’ve taken from it,” Bryan begins. “Not everyone can put in a full day’s work before the sun gets up.”

Who can – and does? Farmers. Luke Bryan knows it, Outsiders know it, and the music icon is celebrating their legacy of back-breaking work through his Rise Before Sunrise series.

“It’s been an honor waking up with farmers during the summer growing season from the cab of my tractor,” Bryan posts to his official Instagram Wednesday. “#HerestotheFarmer who knows that it’s about more than just farming, it’s about growing bold. Watch the entire season of Rise Before Sunrise.”

Catch a beautiful glimpse of Luke Bryan’s series below. “Not everyone can be a farmer,” he narrates. Ain’t that the truth.

“It’s not just a calling, it’s a commitment,” Bryan continues in his Instagram video. “One answered by only the most dedicated. The ones who thrive know that you can’t get to where you’re going by staying where you’ve always been.”

So what exactly is Rise Before Sunrise? If you haven’t caught an episode, the series – available on YouTube here for free – places the spotlight on farmers who “put in a full day’s work long before the sun rises.”

To do so, Fendt tractor co. “teamed up with Luke Bryan to bring you Rise Before Sunrise—a content series where Luke is waking up with farmers to keep them company as he reconnects with his farming roots… All from the cab of his Fendt® tractor.”

“They know there are no workarounds, just work to be done,” Bryan emphasizes in his tribute. “And at the end of the day, from the equipment they run to the legacy they’re building, there are no easy choices. There’s only brave ones.

“So here’s to the farmers,” he says, “who know it’s about more than just farming. It’s about growing bold.”

Fans Gather Behind Luke Bryan & Farmers Through ‘Rise Before Sunrise’

“Beautiful and I hope you will release another Farm Tour album in order to further support our farmers and the amazing work they do!!!” comments Kathie R. on Instagram. Her response highlights more of the fantastic work Luke Bryan has done to support American farmers and the work they do. It’s the heart of our country, providing the lifeblood for all who live here.

“I love this series and you!!!” echoes fan Brittany, followed by ‘West Side Girl’s “You’re just one amazing man!! Thank you for being the kind of person you are! God made you more special than most.”

It’s a sentiment that belongs to most farmers, too.

“WOW!! What a way to recognize the farmers today!! I loved every word you said, too,” adds Luke Bryan fan Sherry K. “You always help out along with Bayer during Farm Tour! Thank you for sharing!”

But it’s fan Lisa Marie who gets the true intent of Bryan’s message. This isn’t about the country megastar. It’s about the farmers.

“Thank you to all our farmers!” she echoes. And so do we Outsiders. So with the sincerest of praise, Outsider thanks our American farmers for all that they do.