Luke Bryan Discusses Being Inspired by Dolly Parton to Write Music Every Day

by Joe Rutland

Country music singer-songwriter Luke Bryan says he gets inspiration to write music every day from a true legend in Dolly Parton.

In an interview that is part of the BMI Country Awards 2020, Bryan recalls hearing a quote attributed to Parton about writing songs.

“I remember moving into town as a songwriter and somebody had quoted Dolly Parton that she woke up and wrote a song every day,” Luke Bryan said. “And that really stuck with me when I moved to Nashville and I wrote a song every day, sometimes multiple songs a day.”

Luke Bryan Admires Dolly Parton And Her Work Ethic

Bryan said hearing that about Parton told him a lot about hard work and having other artists record the songs she wrote.

“That’s the beauty of getting your nose to the grind and showing up every day and writing songs,” Luke Bryan said. “And I did that and my first No. 1, my first No. 1 as a songwriter was performed by Billy Currington, written by me.

“I remember having my first No. 1 and I was like, ‘Yep, I remember when somebody quoted Dolly,'” he said.

“That’s the reason why I have my first No. 1 song ’cause I showed up every day and tried to write one every day just like Dolly.”

Bryan talks more about Parton in this interview.

Bryan and His Two Sons Encounter Giant Buck

Bryan and his sons ran into quite a surprise while out on an outdoors trip in an episode of “Buck Commander.”

Luke Bryan took his sons, Bo and Tate, down to south Georgia for some fishing and hunting action.

While out on the river, a giant buck was swimming next to its edge. Its giant antlers drew the attention of Bryan and others in the boat.

“That’s a deer right there,” Bryan said. “That is a big deer.”

“Nothing wrong with him, is it?” Willie Robertson, host of “Buck Commander,” asked.

“Welcome to Buck Commander from the Flint River,” Bryan said into the camera.

“Look at that deer, that’s a great buck y’all,” Robertson said. “Coming across the swiftest part of the river.”

“There he goes,” Bryan said. “You reckon they love to cross this thing? That’s a pretty good buck. Looks like a 10-point.”