Luke Bryan Dishes on Why He Loves to Gamble

by Jonathan Howard

Luke Bryan was going through his Las Vegas residency recently and of course, he had to talk about the thing Vegas is now for… gambling.

For those that don’t know, Bryan likes to place some bets. If he can play a few casual hands every now and then he will. However, it isn’t all that serious for the country music artist. It seems as though he has a healthy hold on playing games for money. Even so, a man in Vegas can only resist so much.

Recently while talking to the media about his residency experience, Luke Bryan talked about hitting the tables. I’m sure that he has put more than a few bets on his beloved Georgia Bulldogs during football season. If I’m in Vegas, I want to sit at his table, that’s all I’m saying.

“I always have fun gambling,” the country singer said. “I’m not a big, ‘Go out there and get all stressed out’ about gambling. If you’re around me gambling, I just like to make some fun bets, smoke a cigar, drink a beer, high-five my buddies, cut up with the pit bosses and the dealers.”

“It’s all kind of like a, just a fun little release for me,” the American Idol judge continued. “When I’m gambling… I’m just having fun in the moment. It’s not like I’m trying to come out here and pay for a pick-up truck… My main thing is just to have fun.”

Ever since he got to Las Vegas, Luke Bryan has not been able to help himself. Any chance he gets he makes a joke about gambling. Even when the Super Bowl was coming around he got in a comment about the big game.

Luke Bryan Jokes About NFL Bets in Las Vegas

As far as gambling stories go, Luke Bryan has two that couldn’t be further apart. Truly the high and the low of betting and gambling. His good story is about the time he won something like 16 hands in a row at blackjack. He meant to play a few hands and in 10 minutes he had about $60,000 more in his pocket. However, recently he has been struggling.

“I already lost my ass this week on blackjack, which made me double my typical NFL bets. Raise your hand if you’re up out there tonight?” he said to the crowd. “Raise your hand if you’re down … it’s always more. I don’t get one f—ing doubling down in seven days!” Bryan went on to clarify that he has missed out on 22 double downs during his early stretch in Vegas this month.

Hopefully, he didn’t go with Cincinnati in that game. Los Angeles came away with the win and might have left Bryan wishing he hadn’t doubled down so many times. Something tells me that after his time in Vegas, he is coming away with a lot more money than he is spending.