Luke Bryan Drops Hilarious ‘Instagram vs. Reality’ Christmas Family Pics

by Joe Rutland

Country singer-songwriter Luke Bryan thought it might be a good idea to give the public a reality check, so to speak, on Instagram.

Jumping on the viral trend, the Bryan family is putting their sense of humor on full display. Which they like to do often during the holidays.

The “Country Girl” singer shared a photo of his family all dressed up for Christmas Eve fun.

Bryan gives his fans and followers a look into his home as everyone gets in front of the family Christmas tree.

Luke Bryan Shares Sentimental Christmas Moment

Gifts always are a part of the Christmas traditions. Obviously, Bryan is no exception, yet one Christmas he received something that remains in his life now and forever.

His brother Chris was killed in a 1996 auto accident. Caroline, his wife, did something to keep his brother’s memory alive in a very special way.

“By far the best Christmas present I have ever gotten and will ever get was when my wife Caroline went and found my brother’s old pickup truck from 1996,” Bryan said.

Bryan’s Wife, Father Bring Truck Back To Nashville

Caroline found the car in Louisiana through the VIN number. She and Bryan’s father drove down to pick it up. Additionally, they drove it back to Nashville that same night.

“Christmas Eve night pulled into the driveway with it, and let’s just say that yes, the tears were flowing, and it will never be topped,” he recalled. “I don’t know how you’ll ever top it. What an amazing moment for me and my family and it was pretty special.”

He now uses the truck for something near and dear to him: hunting.

“That truck is where we do our turkey hunting; it’s the turkey hunting truck,” he said. “So, all my turkey hunting gear stays in there, and when the boys see me pull up in my brother’s truck, they know we’re fixing to go turkey hunting.”