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Luke Bryan and Family Kick Off ‘Prankmas’ With Tim Tebow

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for CMT

Luke Bryan and Tim Tebow do love a good prank. The duo kicked off “Prankmas” by scaring Bryan’s wife Caroline with a shipment gone wrong.

Bryan is finally getting revenge on his wife for all the abuse he endures at Halloween time. She usually makes the country singer dress in the most ridiculous couple’s costumes. And she’s been known to scare him with a Halloween decoration from time to time. But if this prank is anything to go by, Caroline may be a bit of a scaredy-cat too.

Bryan recruited Tebow to help him, prior to a little college football rivalry they had. Last year, the Bryans won Tebow’s college football Heisman Trophy for six months in a charity auction. The former quarterback came to deliver the award, but not without a little joke first.

“Last year at the Red Bird Games,” Bryan said, “Tim Tebow showed up to the Red Bird Games and offered up his Heisman up for auction to donate to the Brett Boyer Foundation. And my wife bid and won Tim Tebow’s Heisman to be in our home.”

Luke Bryan Pranks His Wife with a Broken Trophy

The two conspired to create a fake Heisman trophy for Caroline. The two smashed the dummy award and taped it up in a box. Meanwhile, Tebow had the real award safe and sound.

“Right over here is a fake Heisman that’s been smashed and in pieces and has been out in the rain,” Tebow said with glee. “Caroline is freaking out right now.”

And freak out, Caroline did. In an Oscar-worthy bit of acting, Bryan told his wife that the package had been sent to their house. Tebow was also on his way to see it. Cue, the broken trophy, and a visibly rattled Caroline, who didn’t want to be responsible for the award, to begin with.

“I don’t want to be responsible for that,” Caroline said at one point. “I’m gonna throw up. This is exactly why I did not want it around here. I was like, my kids will touch it…”

Both Bryan and Tebow had a good laugh at Caroline’s expense. They definitely got her blood pressure up. But the season is still young and Caroline is known for pranks herself. Maybe, she’ll get her revenge on Bryan before Christmas comes. Or maybe, Bryan and Tebow might turn on each other. It wouldn’t be the first time.