Luke Bryan Is Fighting Hunger in America One Tweet at a Time

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Country superstar Luke Bryan is a known philanthropist, supporting causes such as AIDS and cancer regularly. Another cause he’s championing is hunger in America and has teamed up with Bayer to do it.

The “Here’s to the Farmer” campaign is part of Bayer’s vision of Health for All, Hunger for None. Every tweet that includes the hashtag #HerestotheFarmer will prompt Bayer to provide one meal to a person in need through Feeding America. Bayer hopes to provide at least one million meals.

Bryan is a big supporter of the cause, tweeting about it earlier today to raise awareness.

“Hey y’all – I’m teaming up with my buddies at @BayerUS again this year to thank our American farmers and feed hungry families. For every tweet that uses #HerestotheFarmer, Bayer will donate a meal through Feeding America.”

Bayer notes the pandemic hit food banks particularly hard. Because of this, the company and Luke Bryan feel this year is as important as ever. Bryan is the son of a peanut farmer from Georgie and has a long-time commitment to them. In 2009, he launched his annual Farm Tour, which prompted Bayer to reach out in 2015 to collaborate with him.

“I know the important role farmers play in our everyday lives and understand the hard work it takes for them to help feed America and the world,” said Bryan. “That’s why I’m excited to have this partnership with my friends at Bayer and be able to thank the American farmers for all the hard work they do.”

Remember, if you have a Twitter account, simply using the hashtag in a tweet will prompt a donation from Bayer. It’s a wonderful cause and only costs a bit of your time.

Luke Bryan Says His Siblings’ Deaths Still Causes Him ‘Anxiety’

Though Luke Bryan contributes regularly to those less fortunate and typically wears a smile, he admitted in a recent interview with TODAY his siblings’ deaths still cause him to be anxious.

“When you start talking about the loss of siblings and even the loss of my brother-in-law — I mean, he was my brother, he had been in my life since I was 7, 8 years old — and the hesitancy is, gosh, you almost feel anxiety of telling aspects of your life that are so tragic.”

Bryan lost his brother Chris in a car accident in 1996. He was on his way to Nashville when he got the news. 11 years later his sister, Kelly, passed away unexpectedly as well. These events are why he is as charitable as he is and why he hopes to connect with fans who have similarly suffered for support.

“I have to remember there are people out there that have gone through similar stuff that I have. And so me telling my story of how we get through this as a family, you pray and you feel like you’re going to help some people.”

Bryan even made a docuseries, “Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary,” which chronicles the ups and downs he’s experienced as his career progressed.