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Luke Bryan Gets the Most Delicious Gift Ever on Farm Tour: A Statue Made of Bacon

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Mireya Acierto/WireImage)

Bacon. It’s a staple with a cult-like following. Its notoriety as one of the tastiest treats around inspired some pretty odd creations over the years. Remember that time Oscar Meyer announced they were making bacon-scented shoelaces? Or the time that Waffle House announced the exclusive bacon-flavored “Bacon and Kegs” beer?

Many people have heard the phrase “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” On a similar note, it seems where there’s bacon, there’s a life-size Luke Bryan bust made out of the carnivorous cut? The final project in question is impressive, for sure. Creepy? Maybe. But still, if you can’t feast on the sculpture, you’ll at least want to feast your eyes on its handiwork. More on that below, Outsiders.

Luke Bryan: Don’t Go Bacon My Heart

Luke Bryan is no stranger to fan gifts, especially with the massive following he built over the span of the last decade. He often ducks and dodges bras and phones thrown by fans on stage while he’s performing. Actually, back in 2017, Country Rebel reported that he encountered one of his strangest fan gifts yet. After starting “Play It Again,” a small brown package on stage caught Bryan’s eye. He stopped singing, addressed the crowd, and asked: “What the hell is this? Have you thrown me drugs on stage?” Upon closer inspection, though, Bryan discovered a keychain hidden in the brown wrapping. Decorated with his name, some dolphins, and “Virginia Beach,” the singer decided to accept the non-threatening item from a fan named Cheryl. He stuck it in his pocket as he addressed the audience once more: “That’s a damn keeper right there, right next to my ass cheek.”

Fans are a little more creative this year, graduating from trinkets to full-blown sculptures. The bacon bust in question might not be the spitting image of Luke Bryan, but it’s the thought that counts, right? The finished product comes in at two feet tall and required fifty pounds of Farmland bacon. Farmland is one of the many sponsors of Bryan’s Farm Tour, actually. After a recent stint in Wisconsin, the Farm Tour swings through Michigan next.

Taste of Country shared a snap of the delectable abomination, which you can check out here:

Tour Diaries: “My Dirt Road Diary”

Luke Bryan revealed that he is bringing fans along for the ride with behind-the-scenes clips of his “Farm Tour.” In between his stops in rural America, the Country Star says sharing his experiences with fans has actually been rather “healing” for him. He doesn’t hold back, either, and shares just as much from the “lows” as the “highs.”

You can tune in right here: