Luke Bryan Gets Patriotic with Hilarious Halloween Costume

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

On Friday (October 29th), country superstar and American Idol judge Luke Bryan gets patriotic with hilarious Halloween costume.

Luke Bryan’s mom LeClaire Bryan took to her Instagram with the hilarious snapshot. She captions the post with, “A little preview of what’s to come for Halloween. We got this.”

The mother-son snapshot comes just days after Luke Bryan helped save a stranded woman in Tennessee. As previously reported, the woman was driving when she blew a tire. She was stranded with her children when the incident occurred. 

The country superstar just happened to be driving on the same road and stopped to help the woman and her children. The woman shared a video of the encounter. She wrote, “Thank you again @lukebryan I cannot thank you enough for helping me and my kids! It really made our day so much better!”

Luke Bryan Describes His Farm Tour as a ‘Spiritual’ Experience

During a recent interview with Taste of Country, Luke Bryan opened up about his farm tour. The media outlet revealed that since 2010, the country singer and songwriter has teamed up with farms across the country to turn fields into concert arenas. This in return has drawn more crowds and raised more funds for farmers. 

“There’s always a lot of nostalgia about Farm Tour. It is like the most spiritual moment for me. I’m always happy on stage. And Farm Tour, I go to another level of being amazed and happy onstage.”

Luke Bryan also stated that his Farm Tours are a way to showcase and honor what farmers do.

“I think we see it more and more where people go to the grocery store and they truly don’t understand. So many people think things just appear in a grocery store. I think the more we can grow the awareness of what farmers do for the world and our country and our economy moving forward. Always doing a better job at showcasing my relationship with the farmer.”

The country star also noted that there’s a lot of things that are currently being missed in our world, but if he can really talk about food insecurity and really work with Bayer on the Farm Tour, he thinks it’s a wonderful thing that he gets to do. “I’m happy to bring awareness to it.”

Luke Bryan goes on to add that he believes that Farm Tours help him reconnect with his rural roots. The country singer and American Idol judge doesn’t see the shows ending anytime soon.

“It would be progressively moving always forward. The main thing is to continue to enjoy doing it and having feel-good vibes around Farm Tour.”