Luke Bryan Goes Fishing with Thomas Rhett, Helps Rhett’s Daughter Willa Gray Catch First Snapper

by Jennifer Shea

Country star Luke Bryan is just “uncle Luke” to Thomas Rhett’s kids. He proved it on a recent fishing trip the two country musicians took. And the resulting photo of Rhett’s 5-year-old daughter proudly brandishing a snapper as Bryan looks on is evidence of that.

“Thanks uncle Luke for helping Willa Gray catch her first snapper. @lukebryan,” Rhett posted to Instagram on Tuesday.

Luke Bryan Has Some New Ventures in the Works

When he’s not fishing, Bryan has been busy juggling multiple ventures of late. One project that’s occupying his time is a new line of beer and hard seltzer. The beer is known as Two Lane Beer. And fortunately, it has secured the all-important stamp of approval from Bryan’s mother.

“The name [Two Lane] is like what you find at the end of the two-lane road: a place to go fishing or camping or hang with your buddies,” Bryan told Entertainment Tonight last month. “My mother is a top-notch, world-class beer expert… [and] I’m glad she likes it. Mama has approved the beer.”

Also important is the thumbs-up from Bryan’s buddies, not to mention from Bryan himself. They’ve conducted extensive taste tests, and apparently, Two Lane passes muster.

“I can honestly say that I mean I come from a long line of beer drinkers and this one, it’s a great one,” Bryan added. “And when I give it to some of my buddies and my buddies back home, it passes with flying colors.”

As if that weren’t enough, Bryan has also taken to modeling underwear when he’s not serving as a judge on “American Idol.” His friend Blake Shelton has ribbed him for the underwear modeling (“It’s disgusting, but it’s not surprising,” Shelton said), but Bryan had a retort to that.

“One of Blake’s first big endorsements was [for pizza], so you can see where his brain was, you know?” Bryan quipped. “He just wants to sit around and eat wagon wheels of pizza all day.”

Meantime, both Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan have been busy with their respective shows, with “American Idol” finally “catching our stride” recently, according to Bryan.

Thomas Rhett Had to Slow Down During the Pandemic

Rhett and his wife Lauren are reportedly expecting a fourth daughter in November. She will round out a brood that includes Willa, 3-year-old Ada James and 1-year-old Lennon Love.

In addition to his family life, Rhett’s career had also been taking off right as the pandemic hit. But the coronavirus forced the country star to slow down a bit and spend even more time with his family, he said at a recent media roundtable. And that reminded him of all that he has to be grateful for.

“For me, that was the outdoors. That was getting outside again: going fishing again, going out hunting again, going out West and hiking with my family,” Rhett said. “Those are the things that I used to love to do so much, and then life just kind of got in the way.”

Ever the Outsider, Rhett started getting reacquainted with nature, and he brought his family with him. And the crew’s recent fishing expedition is just one more example of that.