Luke Bryan Got a Surprise Birthday Party From Fans at a Pennsylvania Jewelry Store

by Amy Myers

Imagine you’re at work when you receive word that country star Luke Bryan will be stopping by before his show. You’d probably think it was a hoax, right? That’s what the employees at Mountz Jewelers in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania thought before the country singer arrived at their store. And they honored the star’s visit by throwing him a small birthday party.

On his way to a concert at Hershey Park, Bryan dropped by the jewelry store on a personal errand. According to the store’s co-owner and president, Tonia Ulsh, they’ve had celebrity shoppers in the past.

“[Bryan] had contacted us ahead of time, but obviously we weren’t quite sure if it was somebody spoofing us, or if it was a reality situation,” Ulsh told Penn Live. “We’ve had sports people and some famous local people, but we’ve never had somebody of this caliber coming into the store.”

At the time, a construction crew was renovating the store, so employees set up shop in the parking lot. Fortunately, this ended up working perfectly for the jewelry shop employees and Luke Bryan.

“It worked out to the benefit of both of us, because the carpet had already been laid and we had a section of the store that our contractors could clean up for us,” Ulsh said. “So we could actually bring them into the store, and have the door locked to give them more privacy.”

Luke Bryan Poses for Pictures with Mountz Employees

Luckily for the Mountz Jewelers employees, the country star had time to pose for pictures with the gang. On the shop’s Facebook page, Luke Bryan smiled wide beside the hardworking and gracious workers. Bryan wore his Dallas Cowboys hat with a North Carolina Tar Heels polo. The employees all looked thrilled to have the country star stop by their shop.

“I think everybody was very excited about it, whether they knew him via his music, or from ‘American Idol’ – I’m an ‘American Idol’ fan, so I felt like I knew him, because on a television show you sort of get their personality,” co-owner Ulsh shared.

Mountz Jewelers Celebrates Their Celebrity Guest’s Birthday

Because Luke Bryan alerted the jewelry store before his arrival, the employees were able to organize a little surprise for him. In just three days, the country star will turn 44-years-old. Knowing this, the Mountz Jewelers employees decided to throw him a mini party. After posing for pictures with Bryan, the staff presented him with a birthday cake. Wanting to show how much they appreciated his business, the crew was happy to give him a little treat.

“We tried to make it special for him, like we do with every client who walks in the door,” Ulsh said, adding that Bryan was a “genuine, down to earth” person. Perhaps the next time Luke Bryan plays at Hershey Park, he’ll visit his friends again at Mountz Jewelers.