Luke Bryan’s Heart ‘Still Breaks’ For Families of 9/11 Fallen Heroes

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by John Shearer/2021 CMT Awards/Getty Images for CMT)

As the world continues to mourn the losses of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, country music star Luke Bryan shares a solemn tribute as well. On the 20th anniversary of the attacks, Bryan took to Twitter to express his heartbreak over the tragedy.

“20 years later, but my heart still breaks for the families of our fallen heroes on this tragic day. #NeverForget,” Bryan captioned a photo of a memorial site grave and U.S. flag.

So many lives were consumed this day 20 years ago. Three thousand American first responders and civilians were headed to work, a business trip, the fire station – when everything changed.

Many celebrities and public officials have shared emotional tributes to those who perished during that September day. All those who remember are expressing deep sadness. Many are sharing where they were that day. Many are just reflecting on the lives so tragically lost.

For country music star Luke Bryan, the event still breaks his heart.

Luke Bryan Shares Family Grief with Fan

Perhaps Luke Bryan can empathize a little more with families of 9/11 victims because he’s had very tough personal losses. The country music star opens up about these losses in his documentary “My Dirt Road Diary.”

Bryan lost both his siblings in incidents that occurred fairly close together. These events happened right before Bryan was to move to Nashville to continue his pursuit of country music.

During a clip of the documentary, Bryan shares a personal moment where a fan asked him about overcoming tragedy.

“I believe we were in Charlotte, North Carolina,” he recalls. “It was a typical meet and greet. This little blonde-headed boy walks up to me and says ‘can I ask you a question?’ I said ‘well yeah, buddy’ and I got down on one knee. He looks at me says he wants to know how I get through every day having lost my brother and my sister. He says, ‘because I lost my sister and I can’t get over it — my heart is broken.”

The moment touched Bryan profoundly. It made him realize that out of loss, comes strength. And that strength can inspire people to grow from their obstacles.

Another fan shared how the documentary helped with their personal loss.

“Your docu-series was incredible,” a fan writes in the comments section of the social media post. “I loved watching it! It is very inspiring.”

“I loved this show so much your story and how you dealt with it inspired me,” another fan says. I lost my great-grandmother and I could not get over it. But when I watched the show I learned to be just like you. Thank you so much, Luke Bryan.”