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Luke Bryan Hits the Batting Cage With Son in New Video

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images for Bass Pro Shops)

No matter what he’s doing, Luke Bryan always looks like he’s having a good time like in his latest video on Instagram. He hit up the batting cages with his son, Tate. And, for someone who grew up playing baseball, seeing the country music singer turn his back to the machine and his son batting gave me a little anxiety. Keep your head on a swivel, you know?

Check out the video below and see it for yourself. Along with a little message to tune into American Idol.

After that first ball dinged off of Tate’s bat and into that netting, Bryan realized that the net moves a bit more than he thought it did. You can still catch a stray at batting practice. Otherwise, Tate’s swing looked alright. That bat might be a bit heavy for the 11-year-old. Gotta get that swing around a bit quicker.

It seems, by the looks of Luke Bryan’s video, that he has a companion for this trip. His TV obligations have him out on the road pretty often. Sometimes he brings the kids, sometimes his dog, and every now and again his wife, Caroline. No matter who he brings or what city he’s in, the singer-songwriter seems to be having the best time. What’s better than father-son time at the batting cages?

One thing that Bryan has going for him, a real-deal country music singer on American Idol. It isn’t quite time for the real nitty-gritty stuff, but the group of performers has been shrinking each week. Huntergirl has found her place, will it continue?

Luke Bryan Has a Country Music Star on ‘American Idol’

This is kind of the same situation that Blake Shelton had with Lana Scott on The Voice last season. A country music singer that looks and sounds like they could be on the radio tomorrow. For Luke Bryan, Huntergirl is an act that the judges believe could win the entire competition. She’s a “Miranda Lambert” type according to Bryan.

She has kept impressing not just Bryan, but all of the judges on the show. Her latest rendition of an Ashley McBryde song. Girl Goin’ Nowhere is the perfect song for the hopeful singer. She shocked her fellow competitors, and maybe even herself with the great performance she had. Each time she’s on stage, Bryan is flabbergasted. He just can’t believe what he’s hearing.

Thankfully, we have some more Huntergirl to listen to. She’s made the top-24 and will be moving on. She’s really got a chance to take the whole thing. Luke Bryan would love to see another country singer born from this show. However, there are many talented artists remaining and it will be up to America’s vote to determine what her future is.