Luke Bryan Is a Proud Uncle, Beaming in Pic Celebrating Niece’s Wedding

by Leanne Stahulak

Luke Bryan shared the sweetest photo of him and his wife Caroline Bryan as they celebrated their niece’s wedding this weekend.

In the photo, the country superstar is grinning like the happiest man on earth as his wife leans in for a kiss on the cheek. Bryan sums up the wedding experience in a few quick words in his caption. “Wow. Literally an amazing weekend. Congrats to my beautiful niece on her wedding. Love you @jordancheshire.”

Jordan Cheshire tied the knot with her new husband Clint Eudy on Sunday, Sept. 5. The event took place at the Troubadour Golf and Field Club in Tennessee. And though the bride herself hasn’t posted any official wedding photos, we still got a sneak peek at the beautiful event from her videographers.

On her Instagram Stories, Bryan’s niece shared a video from Fox Weddings, an exclusive wedding videography company that only takes on 12 couples a year. Right off the bat in the video, we see Luke Bryan breaking it down on the dance floor to a remix of “Grove St. Party.” Check out his dance moves for yourself below. Fair warning, Bryan’s only in the first few seconds of the video because he soon grabs the camera and starts filming everyone else.

It certainly looks like everyone’s having the time of their lives in the short clip! But Cheshire’s wedding also had gorgeous, emotional elements as well, like when Luke Bryan walked her down the aisle. People magazine shared the sweet video, which Cheshire’s wedding planner Emily Clarke shared on her Instagram page.

Luke Bryan Talks Raising Nieces and Nephew

According to People, Luke Bryan also danced the father-daughter dance with his niece Jordan Cheshire. The two waltzed to Phil Collins’s “You’ll Be In My Heart,” which wedding planner Emily Clarke shared on her Instagram Stories.

Bryan and his wife, Caroline, adopted Cheshire and her two siblings seven years ago. The country singer’s sister, Kelly, died of natural causes in 2007, while his brother-in-law Lee died of a heart attack in 2014. Since then, the Bryans have raised the Cheshire kids.

Earlier this summer, Luke Bryan shared with the outlet what it’s been like to work through all the death in his life. Bryan’s brother, Chris, also died in a car accident.

“I’ve had so many tragedies in my life,” Bryan said. “It’s almost like you don’t want to tell the story because you don’t want to feel like you’re out there craving sympathy.”

He quickly added, “If I can inspire people to move on from tragedy, hopefully by my behavior, that’s what life’s all about for me.”

And on a final note, Bryan opened up about his three “guardian angels.”

“Maybe Chris and Kelly and Lee have moved some puzzle pieces around to make my life so fortunate,” he said. “When I say my prayers at night, I have to say, ‘Thank y’all for looking after us down here.'”