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Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean Hilariously Wake Up Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson With ‘Dirty Diaper Prank’

by Halle Ames
(Photo by Larry Busacca/ACM2015/Getty Images for dcp)

Country music stars Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean hilariously woke up Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson with a “Dirty Diaper” prank.

In a recent Youtube video from Buck Commander, Luke Bryan, and Jason Aldean join the Duck Commander boys for a hunting trip in the Midwest.

Luke Bryan Gets Artistic

Luke Bryan decided to wake Willie Robertson up for their morning hunt with a little surprise. Armed with a diaper and green paint, he squirts a large glob of the paint into the bottom of the clean diaper.

“Oh no, that even sounded bad,” laughs one of the men. “That sounded realistic.” As of them gags

After grabbing a darker green paint and repeating the process, Bryan uses his finger to mix the colors together in the diaper. The outcome looks like a disgusting disaster.

“So what are we going to do? How are we going to go about this?” asks Luke Bryan. “Blindfold him?”

“Just like a painter’s mask, we’ll just go lay it over his nose.” explains one of the other hunters in on the prank.

The video cuts to Willie’s bedroom, where the Duck Commander is out like a log, snoring up a storm.

“We gotta let him go back to hibernation. Usually, it doesn’t take long.”

After a few seconds, Willie returns to snoring.

“Yep, that’s what I figured.”

They slowly creep up to Willie Roberston’s bed and throw the diaper on his face. Willie immediately wakes up and sits up in his bed. After the initial confusion of what is happening due to his sleep state, he realizes what was thrown onto his face.

Just a Day in the Life

In fact, Willie doesn’t seem to care at all that a potentially disgustingly dirty diaper was on his face like a mask. After a few eye rubs, morning wake-up grones, and stretches, he looks at the men, saying he’s ready to rock and roll.

Luke Bryan and the other men die of laughter in the background.

“Oh, it was a diaper,” says Willie. “I’m ready. I’m ready. Waiting on me, you’re hunting first, son.” Or something along those lines. Between the southern twang and the morning voice, we can’t exactly put together what he is saying.

The perfect start for a good day of hunting all around. I bet Willie will think twice about not locking his door when going hunting with Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean.