Luke Bryan Kicks Off Farm Tour With Epic Concert Snap: ‘Amazing Night’

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Between walking his niece down the aisle at her recent wedding, fighting hunger in America through Twitter, and his growing Rise Before Sunrise series, you could say Luke Bryan is on a serious roll. How he finds time to balance everything on top of his music career is beyond us, but we’re grateful for every second. Farmers are too!

After laying down some serious prep work earlier this week, Bryan’s team transformed a Marshall, Wisconsin farmer’s field into quite the stage set-up. Actually, this farm marked the first stop of his annual “Farm Tour.” Bryan shared a killer snap of the special night and we’re here to give you all the details.

Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour: Night One

As previously stated, Luke Bryan and “co” found themselves in the heart of Wisconsin’s Dane County last night. This actually marked the second time the tour stopped in Marshall– and at the same farm, too, nonetheless. The last time that Luke Bryan’s “Farm Tour” passed through happened to be in 2019.

Joe Statz, co-owner of the Statz Brothers Dairy Farm in Marshall, happily hosted the singer again. In talking to Wisconsin’s NBC15, he provided the following statement: “On stage that night [in 2019] he asked if he could come back, and we all told him, ‘Come on back. We’ll be ready.’ So here he is again.”

Organizers of the event expected 20,000 people in attendance and the fans definitely showed up. Wisconsin’s Channel 3000 reported that the event took on less of a “mega-concert” feel and more of a “backyard hangout” or “small-town family” feel. This is right up Luke Bryan’s alley. Fans connected over drinks and a few rounds of cornhole in the parking area before enjoying the show together. Luke Bryan crushed it, as per usual.

Catch Bryan in his natural habitat, surrounded by a smiling crew and thousands of happy fans in the clip above.

Hearing from the Farmers

Joe Statz just confirmed the massive impact of Luke Bryan’s “Farm Tour” in an interview with Wisconsin’s Channel 3000. The co-owner of the Statz Brothers Dairy Farm in Marshall talked to reporters about the farm’s struggles over the past two years since Bryan’s first appearance there.

He said the pandemic made things so bleak for the dairy farm, that at one point, they were dumping milk down the drain by the gallons. Sadly, this actually lasted 24 whole days. By the end of it, Joe said over 7 semis-worth of the product was rendered useless. Essentially, they milked cows for free.

Can you imagine working as hard as a farmer and just watching everything go to waste in front of your very eyes? It’s heart-breaking. The thing is, Luke Bryan’s tour is accomplishing everything it set out to do and more. Statz said the dairy industry is ramping back up and he couldn’t be more grateful for the awareness Bryan is raising for farmers just like him. Next up on the tour? Iowa tonight, followed by Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. Stay tuned for all those updates, Outsiders.