Luke Bryan: Meet the ‘American Idol’ Judge’s Kids

by Halle Ames

Luke Bryan has the most adorable family. Meet the award-winning country artist’s wife and children.

Wife Caroline Boyer

Luke Bryan met his wife Caroline Boyer at a bar called Dingus Magees in Statesboro, Georgia, in the fall of 1998. Caroline was a sorority member and three years younger than Bryan at Georgia Southern University. After Bryan graduated, he packed his bags and headed to Nashville to pursue his music dreams.

It wasn’t until five and a half years later when Luke Bryan was playing a show back in Statesboro, and Caroline was in town visiting, that the two hit it off, reports Country Daily. After that weekend, the two began emailing each other. (Yes, believe it or not, there was a time after writing letters and before text messaging and Snapchatting.) Caroline proceeded to invite Luke Bryan to her family’s Christmas party, where the two made their relationship official.

Fast forward to 2006, Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer exchanged ‘I Do’s on the beautiful beaches of Turks & Caicos.

Luke Bryan’s Boys

Two years later, the happy couple welcomed their first child, a boy named Thomas, “Bo” Boyer Bryan, on March 18, 2008.

Since Bo’s birth, his father’s music career has taken off, making him a household name. Furthermore, that means that Bo spent much of his younger years growing up on a tour bus and traveling from city to city with his parents. This year, the oldest Bryan boy is 13, officially making him a teenager. They grow up so fast!

Caroline notes that Bo is very similar to Luke. The father and son duo both enjoy hunting, fishing, and family time. She also says that Bo will sing and dance around the house. Do we have another star in the making?

Bo isn’t the only Bryan boy, however. In August of 2010, Caroline gave birth to their son, Tatum “Tate” Christopher Bryan. Fans can’t help but note how alike the 10-year-old and his famous father look. However, Caroline notes that he may look like his father, but he acts just like her, preferring to be in the background than be the center of attention.

Unexpected Addition To The Family

Unfortunately, after the unexpected death of Luke Bryan’s sister, Kelly, in 2007 and her husband, Ben, in 2014, the family of four quickly increased by three. Overnight, Luke Bryan and Caroline became parents to three more teenagers, Jordan, Kris, and Til. Caroline said that they never thought twice about adopting their two nieces and nephew.

At the time, the two older girls, Jordan and Kris, were away at college and living independently. Til stayed back with Luke Bryan and Caroline. The couple got a fast track on how to raise a teenage boy that was just starting to date.

Overall, Luke said that the boys all got along after an adjustment period. They now treat each other as brothers, and the younger boys look up to Til, who was the youngest in his family.

The big blended family now has learned to appreciate every day they have together.