Luke Bryan Knows Nothing Beats ‘Your Buddies and a Cold One’ Out in the Woods

by Kati Michelle

Luke Bryan recently celebrated National Farmer’s Day with a look back at all the good that’s come from his Annual Farm Tour. The country star actually finds himself on the road as part of another tour, currently, with over 20 more shows and festivals scheduled after tonight’s Irvine, California performance. Of course, working round-the-clock even if your full heart and soul is in it just isn’t sustainable. Everyone needs a little R & R every now and then. So, what’s Luke Bryan’s guilty pleasure?

Actually, it turns out there’s nothing to be guilty about at all. Between shows, Luke Bryan likes to kick it the same way Outsiders have for a long time. Cracking a cold one with the boys out in the woods. No distractions, no noise. Just good company and good brews.

Luke Bryan Sips on Two Lane Lager

Bryan captions one of his latest ‘Grams with “Nothing better than being in the woods with your buddies and a cold one. #twolanelager #twolane

Check it out here:

The photo shows what appears to be a couple of floating Two Lane Lager cans. Okay, kidding. The camouflage jokes might be a little dated. Suffice it to say, though, Luke Bryan looks happy-go-lucky in his element. He’s surrounded by the woods with his pal, trusty pup, and favorite lager. That’s not a bad place to be if you ask us.

Bryan’s actually been a long-time partner and endorser of the Two Lane brand. He believes in them so much so that he actually put his own name on the cans. The brand posted the same photo as above to their own page, but posed a question for fans: “What’s better, a 12-point buck or a 12 ounce can of Two Lane?” We’ll let you ponder that one on your own.

A New Career Highlight

In general, stadiums and arenas aren’t new to Luke Bryan now that he’s been an established country singer for quite some time. The chart-topping award-winning stud even earned an impressive Vegas residency spot within the past year. That doesn’t mean he’s anywhere close to calling it quits, though.

On that note, there’s also room to grow. Luke Bryan took to Twitter to share a new career highlight with fans this morning. He shared killer drone footage and behind-the-scenes shots from his recent performance in Los Angeles. The gig actually marked his first time ever playing the LA Staples Center.

The video opens up with the signature “California knows how to party” lyrics from the timeless “California Love.” It then shows Luke Bryan preparing a toast with his traveling road crew. They sure look “proud to be right (t)here” and Bryan notes he has a good feeling they’ll be back. Catch the tweet below: