Luke Bryan Says His One Job on the 4th of July Was ‘Picking Up All the Fireworks’

by Keeli Parkey

Each Fourth of July comes with many traditions. There are fireworks, barbecues, and celebrations with family and friends. For Luke Bryan, this holiday in years gone by included a very special job. And this job created some of his “favorite” memories of Independence Day.

He talked about this with his record label, UMG Nashville. Turns out, Bryan’s job also brought a lot of joy to younger members of his family.

“Some of my favorite Fourth of July memories were spent on Lake Blackshear down in Georgia with my family,” Luke Bryan said.

It was on his way back to the Volunteer State when the “American Idol” judge got to work.

“I was always kind of in charge of driving home from Tennessee and picking up all the fireworks and my nieces and nephews always got excited when I rolled in because they knew I had all the fireworks,” Luke Bryan told UMG Nashville.

Unfortunately, Luke Bryan doesn’t get to make this trip and deliver fireworks to his family very often anymore.

“But, it was always a great memory, and I miss not getting to do that as much as we used to,” he shared.

Luke Bryan Joins Other Country Music Stars in Sharing Their Fourth of July Memories

Luke Bryan isn’t the only country music star with fond Fourth of July memories. Alan Jackson and Eric Church have shared their favorite moments from Independence Days gone by. Jackson and Church are also UMG Nashville artists.

For Alan Jackson, another UMG Nashville artist, his favorite Fourth of July memory took place on his boat while he was docked off of New York City.

“We went out in the Hudson River that night and they shot the fireworks off and we were anchored out in front of the Statue of Liberty and New York City was behind us, and the Statue of Liberty and the fireworks were going off sitting on that boat,” Jackson recalled. “I mean, that was the coolest thing on Fourth of July I can ever remember. I can’t top that one probably. It was emotional sitting there watching the Statue of Liberty and thinking about all that. It was very cool.”

Eric Church also recalled spending time on the water while celebrating the Fourth of July. He would spend his holidays “water tailgating.”

“The Fourth of July for me, growing up we would always go to the lake, we didn’t live on the lake but we would all go to the lake,” Church shared. “Had a buddy who had a pontoon and we would always get on the pontoon and you go out and you’d tie all the pontoons together and just have a big-time.”