WATCH: Luke Bryan Releases New Music Video for ‘Down to One’ Single

by Charles Craighill

Today, Luke Bryan released a brand new music video to his hit song “Down to One” off of his latest album. Born Here Live Here Die Here was released on August 7 of last year and has plenty of hits to go around. “Down to One,” however, was released as a single leading up to the highly anticipated album. It came as the fourth and final single before the long-awaited album release.

“Down to One” incidentally was not the most successful single from Born Here Live Here Die Here. However, it did chart at number 58 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached number five on Billboard’s country airplay. Surprisingly, the Luke Bryan song actually found more success on the Canadian charts. Either way, Luke Bryan decided that “Down to One” would be the one to make into a music video. Take a look below.

The music video is simple enough. Luke Bryan sings the song to the camera in front of a set of scenic green-screen sets. Stars and sunsets glitter in the background. This alternates with shots of a young, beautiful couple. The couple interacts and mingles, holding each in front of the scenic sets that seem to match the lyrics of the song.

In this instance, the simplicity is nice. It allows the song tell the story rather than making it too obvious. The subtlety of the matching scenery plays in well but does not hit you over the head with it. At one point the video shows the couple driving in a car, but that seems to be the only real variation over the course of the video. But again, with a song like “Down to One,” all we really need is Luke Bryan singing to us with some pretty backgrounds.

Luke Bryan and Born Here Live Here Die Here

The seventh studio album from Luke Bryan certainly had its hiccups before releasing to the public. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the release date got pushed back from April all the way to August. This kept fans on the edge of their seats for months. Bryan made this announcement in March after the release of “One Margarita,” which reached number 19 on Billboard’s Hot 100. This was Bryan’s first top 20 hit since his 2014 single “Play it Again.”

Ahead of the album, Luke Bryan also released the songs “Knockin’ Boots,” “What She Wants Tonight,” “Build Me a Daddy,” and “Down to One” as singles. “Build me a Daddy” also came with an accompanying music video. Each of the five singles achieved some commercial success, “One Margarita” reaching the highest on the charts.

When it finally dropped, Bryan found tremendous success on the charts. The album debuted at number five on the Billboard Top 200 and number one on the Billboard Top Country charts. Country music fans have been bumping it ever since and don’t show signs of stopping. After all, why would you stop? The album rocks!