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Luke Bryan Responds to ‘American Idol’ Winning Talkwalker Social Award

by Jon D. B.
(Eric McCandless via Getty Images)

According to the agency, American Idol takes the No. 1 spot for the most social prime time reality series of 2020, and Luke Bryan is here for it.

“This is awesome!” Luke Bryan tweets today. What’s so awesome to the country icon? American Idol is the “#1 Most Social Reality Primetime Series of 2020” according to Talkwalker Social Content Ratings.

In a year when we’re all at home, American Idol shot its COVID-19 season from “home”, as well. Social media data shows that fans of reality television spent heaps of their own time with the show online while hunkered down, as well.

Data released by Talkwalker today reveals that American Idol was the most interacted with reality television show on social media for 2020. Moreover, Idol also takes their No. 3 spot for this year for all prime-time/late night shows. Beating it out are ESPN’s Michael Jordan series The Last Dance, and WWE’s Monday Night Raw.

Moreover, Idol hosts like Luke Bryan, and Katy Perry especially, helped drive the massive amounts of online and social traffic for the show. Judge Perry came in as the No. 1 most engaged-with talent for a 2020 prime-time series for Talkwalker. A staggering 16 million engagements has Perry beating out all others.

Luke Bryan Thrilled with ‘American Idol’s “Awesome” Success in 2020

Luke Bryan is obviously thrilled with the success of American Idol. Since March of 2018, Bryan has been an integral part of the reality series. Largely seen as Idol‘s response to Blake Shelton’s success with The Voice, Bryan’s Season 16 success has carried over into it’s 2019 and 2020 offerings.

For Idol‘s supervising digital producer Adam Davis, however, none of this success comes as a surprise. “Idol really set itself up this year because of our fan base, which gravitated to everything the Idol talent did this year and how we did it from home,” Davis tells Billboard of the show’s 2020.

But just how strong was 2020 for Idol and hosts like Bryan & Perry? Billboard reveals that the show massively outperformed other reality series titans like Keeping Up With the Kardashians – generating double their numbers at 27 million total social interactions. Moreover, Idol outpaced The Voice by over eight million of these interactions.

Talent is becoming an increasingly important component to program promotion,” clarifies Talkwalker’s head of media Sean Casey to Billboard. “Talkwalker Social Content Ratings’ unique methodology allows for the comprehensive measurement of TV talent’s social efforts around programs, helping the media industry optimize their own social strategies and quantify the overall impact of talent at scale,” he continues.

As for Luke Bryan himself, he’s looking forward to the next round of virtual auditions. Afterward, he’ll return alongside other coaches for more American Idol in February of 2021.

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