Luke Bryan Will Return to ‘American Idol’ as a Judge For Season 20

by Clayton Edwards

Great news, American Idol fans! The judges from the past few seasons will return to the singing competition show for season 20. Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie are all coming back to the show for a fifth consecutive year.

Good Morning America broke the news this morning via Twitter. In the post, they shared a short video clip showing the American Idol judges in action while chatting about their return. Check out the post below.

 In the video, Robin Roberts said, “American Idol fans are about to start dancing on the ceiling because it is official – judges Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and Katie Perry plus, host Ryan Seacrest are all back for a fifth season.” That’s an exciting announcement for fans of the show. The trio of judges fit together perfectly. At the same time, their combined experience in the world of popular music makes them perfect to judge the hopeful performers. Roberts agrees. After announcing their return, she added, “Like there was ever a doubt. They are fantastic together!”

Roberts went on to say that auditions for American Idol are right around the corner. In fact, virtual auditions for the show start Friday, August 6. Those who want to try out for the show can head over to the website to get more details on auditioning.

At this time, the premiere date of the upcoming season of American Idol is still to be determined. However, the show usually kicks off in the winter. So, we’re just a few months away from more Idol action.

Things You May Not Know About American Idol

 American Idol isn’t just a singing competition show. After 19 seasons, it has become a cultural touchstone. With the 20th season right around the corner, let’s take a look at some behind-the-scenes facts that some viewers may not know.

For starters, American Idol contestants can’t just sing whatever they want. The show can only legally use songs they have the rights to. At the same time, they have to keep the theme of each episode in mind. So, they give contestants a CD with several songs to pick from. If they don’t like anything on the disc, they still have to pick one of those tracks, according to Screen Rant.

American Idol contestants don’t have much downtime. They rehearse for their weekly performances on the weekends. Then, on the day they are slated to perform, they run through at least three more rehearsals. That is on top of the numerous voice coaching sessions they have to attend.

We don’t see every American Idol audition on TV. In fact, the producers choose the best and worst for the TV broadcast. That allows viewers to get hooked on the good singers early. At the same time, viewers get to see judges pick apart the truly awful ones. This was more prevalent when Simon Cowell was on the show. They go a bit easier on contestants now.