Luke Bryan Reveals ‘Best Advice’ He Ever Received From His Dad

by Jacklyn Krol

Luke Bryan revealed the best advice his father ever gave him.

On August 9, the “One Margarita” hitmaker tweeted a photo of him as a youngster alongside a photo of his father who was wearing a similar hat.

“Best advice I ever received. Thanks, Dad,” he captioned the photo.

“My dad told me, ‘Please get out of here and follow your dreams,'” he wrote.

The photo was to promote his new documentary My Dirt Road Diary that is airing on IMDb TV.

In an interview with Sunday Today, he spoke about his big move to Music City. Luke Bryan moved to Nashville from his hometown of Leesburg, Georgia back in 1996 to pursue music. The day before he was ready to leave, his older brother Chris passed away in a car crash.

“When Chris passed away it was devastating because no one was more fired up about me going to Nashville than him,” Bryan told the outlet.

Instead of leaving, he delayed the inevitable and went to a local college. He ended up working for his father, helping process peanuts. Bryan finally mustered up enough courage to ask his father about leaving for Nashville. He called his dad’s answer one of the “greatest gifts.”

“I remember the color of the sky the day we were riding in the truck, and I had the anxiety of asking my dad what did he think about me moving to Nashville,” Bryan shared. “And he was like ‘If you don’t go, I’m going to kick you out of here. I’m going to fire you. I’m going to make you go.’”

Luke Bryan’s Dad’s Not So Good Advice

Surprisingly, parents can get it wrong too! Luke Bryan’s father believed that one of his now Platinum singles wasn’t worthy of becoming a radio release.

During Country Radio Seminar 2021, Bryan spoke about his father’s thoughts about “I Don’t Want This Night to End.” Back in 2011, Bryan reached five consecutive top ten singles on the radio. He didn’t want the streak to end and he believed that this song would continue it. His father? Not so much, until he saw a concert.

“I roll in there and all the Louisville radio guys are there … [and they told me the crowd was] 26,000 people here about to lose their minds,” Bryan recalled. “When I hit the stage, it was crazy energy — crazy energy, and when I kicked into ‘I Don’t Want This Night to End’ and they lit up, I looked at my dad.”

Once he got off the stage, Tommy praised his son. “My dad’s like, ‘Well, son, you picked the right next damn single.'”

Bryan added that being both right and wrong is a part of life.

“My dad, he’s right some days and I’m wrong some days,” Bryan said. “And that’s the fun thing.”