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Luke Bryan Reveals How He Continues to Push Himself in ‘New Little Avenues and Challenges’ in Career

by Jacklyn Krol
Jason Davis, Getty Images

Luke Bryan does his best to push himself into different avenues in his music career.

What Luke Bryan Had to Say

The “I Don’t Want This Night to End” singer does his best to keep himself and his fans on their toes. This also translates into different aspects of his music career. He spoke about his ever-changing career during Country Radio Seminar 2021.

His iconic spring break annual event and Farm Tour were both ideas that he just ran with. “I think there’s a lot of naiveness behind building stuff like Spring Break and Farm Tours,” he admitted. “It was methodical, controlled, naiveness.”

As for his spring break escapes, he felt that he outgrew them – literally. “I kept it going until it just seemed like I was too old and it got weird and Panama City said there’s 200,000 people on the beach and we can’t have you here anymore,” he joked.

How He Landed ‘American Idol’

Bryan revealed that he was apprehensive about taking on a reality competition show as a judge. “Every phase of your entertainment career is about pushing yourself into new little avenues and challenges,” he said.

“At the core of what I am, I will always be a guy that likes to sit down and write a song, play it for people, record it, hear it on the radio and watch the people respond to that,” he continued. “My biggest thing with Idol was will it affect my music career? Will country radio go ‘He thinks he’s went on to other things. Bryan decided to call upon Blake Shelton and Keith Urban to get their input before he signed onto the show. “They were like, ‘Man, you’re just going to enjoy learning something different,'” he recalled.

“I watched that premiere (Season 4) with more pride,” he added. “It ain’t like they just passed the baton and it was up to us to not screw it up. We got a great brand handed to us, but still, you gotta deliver a great show that’ll work.”