Luke Bryan Reveals How He’s Preparing for New Residency at Las Vegas Casino

by Madison Miller

After the entertainment industry has been closed for about a year, things are slowly starting to open back up as it is safe to do so. Many artists are announcing upcoming summer tours or plans to start live performances soon. In fact, country artist Luke Bryan announced yesterday that he would be doing his first-ever Las Vegas residency at Resorts World. He will perform in a massive 5,000-seat theater.

Luke Bryan Prepares for Las Vegas Residency

How is Bryan looking to prepare for the residency after a year away from performing on a large scale? He was asked about his preparation process during an interview on the Today show. In typical Luke Bryan fashion, he made a joke about it.

“Well I’ve already went and bought all the gambling self-help books,” Bryan joked.

He added that, hopefully, the next interview wouldn’t be because he lost all his money gambling. Tickets for the shows start on May 24 at 10 a.m. PT at

Bryan joked that his fellow “American Idol” judge, Katy Perry, who is also an upcoming headliner, is more prepared for the show. He told People she “plans her outfits a year in advance.” He admits that the two have talked about Las Vegas while on the set of the show and that she is already planning and creating her set.

Luke Bryan has some time to get ready for his Las Vegas stay. He won’t be headlining until February 11, right around the Super Bowl weekend of 2022. Bryan explained that he would still be doing all his normal headlining performances while still doing his Las Vegas residency. He referred to Vegas as his “office,” since he gets to leave all his materials and perform there for a longer period of time.

He will also be starting his tour in July of this year called “Proud To Be Right Here.”

More Upcoming Performers

After a break from the screaming crowds and excited fans, Bryan is excited to get back into all of it. “Man, I’m tremendously excited. Resorts World is essentially just creating and building an entertainment paradise for people that are wanting to go have amazing experiences. To have a theater with all the bells, whistles and wonderful technology at my fingertips, and a show that stands alone, that’s different from what I typically do out on the road,” Bryan said to People.

As for Las Vegas residencies, Bryan isn’t the only one to announce his upcoming presence. According to Variety, fans can expect Carrie Underwood, Céline Dion, and Katy Perry at Resorts World. Underwood will start her residency in December. Perry and Bryan will follow in January and February.

Zedd and Tiësto will be “nightlife headliners” and will take on the stage earlier than the others. Earlier this month, Resorts World made headlines for being the first part of the Las Vegas Strip to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment.