Luke Bryan Says ‘Communication is So Critical’ in Marriage to Wife Caroline

by Jon D. B.

When it comes to marriage, Luke and Caroline Bryan have over 14 years of experience and advice available for fans.

14 years is no small feat, is it? In an age where divorce is more common than marriage, any couple lasting well over a decade feels vaguely unicorn-ish. Country icon Luke Bryan and wife Caroline are two such unicorns. And when asked, Bryan doesn’t shy away from sharing his magic formula for “making it work.”

“Communication is key,” he emphasizes in a recent interview with PEOPLE. As one of the most successful country artists of all time and an American Idol judge, Bryan is typically off and hard at work. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has meant far more time at home with wife Caroline and their boys. While this is a blessing, to be sure, it also (realistically) presents a slew of challenges and hurdles to navigate.

“Caroline and I are used to spending quite a bit of time apart, and now I’m just here every day,” Bryan continues. “But the main thing with us is properly inserting alcohol in parts of the relationship — it does a really, really good job for us. I’m playing!” he lauds.

Jokes and all, Luke Bryan’s pandemic-challenged marriage will surely ring familiar to many fans.

“It’s all about communication and giving each other time to go do the things that we’re passionate about,” the star continues. “But the communication is so critical. When you get your wires crossed … I know it sounds cliché, but never go to bed mad. You really have to abide by that stuff.”

Luke Bryan: “Never go to bed mad”

Absolutely sound advice, right there. In addition to this tried and true rule, Luke Bryan adds the pandemic has given ample time for self-reflection. And as any other married couple knows, self-awareness is beyond crucial to a successful relationship.

“Sitting and letting something small turn into a big event is not how you make it,” Bryan shares, referring to his own journey of betterment. “[Once you] have a family, you’re doing this with your family – it’s a lot. But you’ve walked down the aisle and you’ve said in front of God, ‘This is who I’m going to be with forever.’ You have to work so hard at it.”

Admittedly, Luke Bryan is far more candid about marriage than most. “It never gets easier,” he adds, adding a layer of ‘don’t expect sugar and rainbows’ to our unicorn analogy. He adds, however, that being able to spend his life with Caroline “makes it all worth it.”

“We have a great time too — whether we’re Mom or Dad, or we’re able to go somewhere by ourselves — we’re really, really still so blessed that we’ve been able to navigate all this and my career, and then have a great marriage through it all,” he concludes to PEOPLE. Wise man, Luke Bryan. End on a high note.

Both Luke and Caroline seem like catches of the century, either way. True unicorns.

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