Luke Bryan Says the Return of Farm Tour 2021 ‘Keeps Me Grounded in My Roots’

by Matthew Wilson

“Harvest Time” is coming up for Luke Bryan. When the reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year isn’t singing his heart out to wooing crowds or serving as a judge on American Idol, Luke spends his time working his Tennessee farm.

You can take the farmer off the farm. But you can’t take the farm out of the farmer.

“I left Georgia the son of a farmer, went and tackled the music business, and now, having my farm, it’s been a full-circle moment for me,” Bryan tells Outsider during an online press event on July 9.

The country artist isn’t playing pretend at being a farmer, either. Bryan spends his days watching the weather (the threat of tropical storms and hurricanes keeps him up at night) and discussing the global fluctuation of produce prices with his peanut-farming father. In the evenings, he stares contently at a field of growing soybeans and corn.

Farm Tour 2021

Growing up on a working peanut farm, Luke used to dream that country legends like George Strait would make a stop in his town. But big-time tours never reached Luke’s hometown of Leesburg, Georgia.

However, Luke turned his dream into reality for a new generation of fans when he started bringing his brand of country music to rural communities with his inaugural Farm Tour in 2009.

Luke returns in 2021 with his 12th Farm Tour. Partnering with Fendt, the artist is trading the bright lights of the cities for the rural towns of America’s heartlands. He will be visiting six rural towns in September.

“There’s been weeks where I left Gillette Stadium and went to a hayfield in Iowa,” Luke says. “I feel like doing Farm Tour keeps me grounded in my roots. And nothing is more magical than being out on the farm, late September/early October when the weather’s changing. Really inspiring.”

Luke Bryan: Son of a Farmer

Over the years, Luke Bryan has created a number of farming odes, including “Rain Is a Good Thing,” “Welcome to the Farm,” “Here’s to the Farmer,” and “Harvest Time,” among others.

“It’s almost like children, what’s my favorite farming song? When you write them and love them and believe in them, you love them all,” Bryan continues.

And speaking of children, Bryan is teaching his boys the ways of farming as his father taught him. For one, he’s showed them how to plow a field, in addition to rites of passage like hunting and fishing.

“We’ve done songs about being outside on our tractors. It’s a very big part of country music,” Bryan says. “We, as artists, are proud of our farming roots. And we know our fans out there are hard-working farmers too. It all feels right and feels natural and we love speaking to our fans that way.”

As for what Bryan’s listening to while out on his Fendt tractor, well he’s still seeking inspiration from the legends of his youth as always. Bryan’s top three on his tractor-driving playlist consists of Alan Jackson, a little Alabama, and the late great Joe Diffie. “When I’m on the tractor, I revert back to being a kid and what I was listening to,” Bryan says.

Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour kicks off on September 9 in Wisconsin.