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Luke Bryan Shares Bass Fishing Video in Lake ‘Overpopulated With 1-Pounders’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Luke Bryan is a fish-catching machine in his latest Instagram video. The country music singer is the envy of anglers and fishermen everywhere. In a recent Instagram live video, Bryan showed off both his impressive fishing skills and also his extremely fortunate luck as well.

The country singer was catching almost a bass for every time he cast. In a span of only a few minutes, Bryan had racked up a large number of fish in his cooler.

“These are the one-pounders. My lake is highly overpopulated with one-pounders,” Bryan said. “This one particular bait I’ve been fishing with all morning has landed quite a few fish.”

Bryan hit the lake with his friend Jay and his dog Boss. During the video, Bryan and his friend bickered over the fact that Bryan had caught more fish than him. Additionally, Jay is a catch-and-release fisherman, something that Bryan poked fun at and mocked.

“Jay is from Colorado, and when you’re from Colorado, you don’t like to keep fish. Jay would rather – unbelievable,” Bryan said. The country singer joked that he would sell his bass for 50 cents apiece on Amazon Prime to any fans. Additionally, he called out his followers for not wanting to watch him fish when his viewership went dropped. Over-all, it looked like Bryan had a great time.

Luke Bryan and His Monster Bass

Of course, this isn’t the only time that Bryan has hit the water lately. While he may be busy with country music and “American Idol,” he still makes time for his outdoor passions as well. Recently, Bryan partnered with premiere sportsman Kevin VanDam for a little fishing trip.

Similarly, Bryan showed off that he’s just as deadly with a fishing rod as a guitar. On social media, Bryan gloated that he managed to catch the biggest bass of the day. A monster bass, so to speak. But the country singer also revealed that VanDam was the actual one to real the fish in.

Bryan appeared to have a great time out with VanDam and appreciated the pointers the sportsman threw his way as well.

“Thanks Kevin VanDam Fishing for a great day on the water,” Bryan says in the post’s caption. “So fun learning from you buddy.”

Apparently some of those lessons paid off. Because Luke Bryan picked up right where he left off with the Bassmaster.