Luke Bryan Shares Concert Photo, Message: ‘I Miss Y’all and This’

by Joe Rutland

It’s pretty clear that country music singer-songwriter Luke Bryan loves his fans and is more than ready to get back performing in public.

Bryan, one of the judges on “American Idol,” wanted his followers on social media to know that he misses performing before packed arenas.

Like so many country music performers, Bryan had dates scheduled throughout this year. Those concerts had to be rescheduled due to COVID-19 restrictions in cities across the United States.

Obviously, he’s keeping fans updated through his website about upcoming appearances.

Bryan, who was born in Leesburg, Ga., was recently recognized by Billboard as its Top Country Artist of the 2010s. That honor was given to him thanks to 11 No. 1 songs on the Weekly Country Songs chart and nine No. 1 albums on the Top Country Albums.

In addition, Bryan is a two-time Academy of Country Music and Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year and a five-time host of the ACM Awards. He’s sold over 15 million albums and 60 million singles worldwide.

Luke Bryan Has Two Young Fans Of ‘One Margarita’

Luke and his wife Caroline’s two children, Bo and Tate, are also a fan of his song “One Margarita” off his new album “Born Here Live Here Die Here.”

They ask him to repeatedly play it. Sometimes, his family can be his biggest supporters and critics.

“That feedback is a lot different than publishers, record people — let’s just say the well can get tainted,” Bryan said. “But with your children, they’ll insult me and not even realize.”

Take a look at his performance of “One Margarita” at the 55th ACM Awards show.

Bryan Says Wife Loves ‘Down To One’ Off New Album

Bryan said that Caroline’s favorite song from his new album is “Down to One.” Bryan said she’s a fan of his more upbeat and happy songs.

The country singer released his new album in August 2020. It is a love song that explores the start of a relationship between two people. In it, the guy tries to find the courage to kiss the girl. Bryan said the song is typical of the type he has sung throughout his career.

In addition, she enjoys listening to fun and upbeat songs rather than sad music.

“She always wants me to put out fun songs,” Bryan told Taste of Country Nights. “She’s like, ‘Nobody wants to hear a bunch of sad, depressing stuff. Put fun, fun, fun.’ She’s always the champion of fun and dancing.”

Listen to the song and see if you agree with his wife’s assessment.