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Luke Bryan Shares Hilarious Video Impersonating Turkey, ‘Ready for Turkey Season’

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

Luke Bryan is a wildly successful country music singer and songwriter. He is also a popular host of the hit television show “American Idol.”

While working hard on his music and on the show, Bryan still likes to joke around and have a good time. He has demonstrated this in the past. And, he put it on display again on Sunday (March 14) via Twitter.

This time, he channeled his inner comedic impersonator. Did you impersonate a celebrity? No. A politician? Nope. A fellow country music singer? No.

What Luke Bryan impersonated was a turkey. And, the results are pretty hilarious. On Sunday, he tweeted a video of himself vocalizing like a turkey. He also used, what can be assumed is something he found on the set where he was working, to fully embody the turkey.

“I’m ready for turkey season.” Can’t you tell? #CountryDoesIdol,” Bryan posted along with the photo.

Would his impersonation of a turkey work in the wild? Probably not at all. But, it is certainly good for a laugh. And, Luke Bryan’s fans seemed to enjoy it. They told him so via Twitter.

“OMG Luke, your so hilarious its not funny , your so cute…lol …lmfao,” one fan shared.

“You are a riot @LukeBryanOnline Thx for making us laugh,” another said.

“I laughed so much over this!” an additional fan posted.

Luke Bryan Has Tour Dates Scheduled During 2021

He probably won’t be taking his turkey impression on the road. Well, maybe he will – who knows with Luke Bryan. Either way, it looks like he will be back on stage performing live for his fans this year.

According to the singer’s website, the first date for the country music star’s “Proud to Be Right Here Tour” will be May 29. That concert will take place in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

Bryan has tour dates scheduled through early October. Other stops on the tour include Cincinnati, Ohio; Hartford, Connecticut; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Nashville, Tennessee; Los Angeles, California; and Portland, Oregon – just to name a few.

If you want to see more from Luke Bryan you can watch his new video for the song “Drink a Little Whiskey Down.” The new video, which was released on March 5, is definitely worth your time to watch – even if he doesn’t do a turkey impersonation during it.

This video for “Drink a Little Whiskey Down” focuses on the song’s lyrics. It’s a great way to introduce showcase the song to fans, which has the elements of a great country song.

Here are some of the lyrics: “I drink a little whiskey, drink a little whiskey down/ When the wonderin’ if you miss me, missin’ you comes around / Yeah, it don’t happen like it used to happen / But when it does, I twist off the cap / And drink a little whiskey, drink a little whiskey down.”