Luke Bryan Shares Hilarious ‘Who Wore it Better’ Photo

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Marianna Massey/Getty Images)

Babies are the perfect accessory this year – according to country superstar Luke Bryan’s most recent tweet.

Everyone knows that babies are adorable. But Babies in sunglasses are next-level adorable. Luke Bryan shared a throwback photo of himself with his baby in a front-facing baby carrier. Alongside his own photo, he shared a photo of Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover. Along with the photos, he wrote, “Who wore it better?”

Luke Bryan Is Always on Dad Duty

Luke Bryan is no stranger to daddy duties. He and his wife, Caroline, have two sons together, Tate and Bo. After a family tragedy, they also adopted their two nieces and nephew – Til, Jordan, and Kris. Now, the family of seven navigates all of life’s ups and downs together. During an interview, Luke talked about his new family.

“Now we have three children that have lost both their parents, so that becomes our new focus, to try to navigate and guide them through this life,” said Luke.

“Bo went from being kind of the alpha male to being the middle child, but he takes it in stride,” said Luke. “It’s been amazing watching them do so well with it. They treat Til like their brother, and Til does the same. And that’s what’s funny, is Til went from being the baby of his family to being the oldest. It’s definitely been a social experiment.”

Luke Makes Us All Cry With His Song ‘Build Me a Daddy’

Certainly, Luke Bryan and his family have learned a lot about becoming a family. So, it’s no surprise that his latest album, Born Here Live Here Die Here, features a heart-wrenching song about fatherhood. “Build Me a Daddy” is about a young boy whose father is killed while serving in the military. The little boy sees how sad his mom is, so he asks a maker of wooden toys to heal his mommy’s sadness by building a second, equally loving daddy. During the song, he sings “Could you build me a daddy? Strong as Superman. Make him 10 feet tall with a southern drawl and a crooked smile if you can. ‘Cause I sure miss him. Maybe you could bring him back? If I walked in with him, it’d sure make Momma happy, if you could build me a daddy.”

Luke Bryan’s “Build Me A Daddy”