Luke Bryan Shows Off His ‘Real Deal’ Beer From Two Lane Brewing

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

After pausing production in 2020, Luke Bryan is bringing back his beer with Two Lane Brewing and it doesn’t stop at the lager. The collaboration includes the lager beer as well as a seltzer that Two Lane is releasing across the southeast. For the country music singer, it is the latest venture outside of his usual gig on the stage and in the studio.

Luke Bryan Beer

  • Along with Two Lane Brewing, Luke Bryan is releasing a new beer
  • The project began in 2020 but went on pause due to pandemic reasons
  • Two Lane is distributing the beer across the southeast from the mountains of Virginia
  • A hard seltzer is being released as well from the Constellation Brands brewing company

The country music singer was excited to announce the return of the Golden Lager that he has worked on for so long. According to the company, Bryan was much more involved than just slapping an endorsement on a can.

Check out Luke Bryan’s Instagram post.

Bryan said in his post that the beer, “tastes like country music sounds because it’s made how country music is made.” While we aren’t sure exactly what that means, we are fans of tasty beer and as long as it tastes good, it’s all good. The company and Bryan boast that the beer is made with American ingredients.

The beer is brewed in Daleville, Virginia. That’s the western part of Virginia, not West Virginia. However, the brewery says they sit at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains and they get the water from a natural source. Carvin’s Cove, “a reservoir fed by rainfall that drains from the surrounding watershed,” is where the water comes from. So, it seems like they hit all those boxes for a new beer.

When customers and Luke Bryan fans get to taste the beer, that will be the real test.

Country Star and a Country Beer

Now, if you didn’t notice, there are some heavy country music overtones going on with this beer. Two Lane and the image on the label are an ode to those old country roads we all know and love. Then, there is the location of the beer and the message that the company has. At the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains… A lot of “home” and “small-town” imagery and allusion. We get it, we can appreciate it.

Clearly, this is something that Bryan has wanted to do. After putting his beer project on pause in 2020, it was hard to picture it coming back. However, Bryan has revived it and is ready to get it into the hands of fans and consumers.