Luke Bryan Sings Merle Haggard’s ‘Big City’ with American Idol Contestant During Audition

by Charles Craighill

Let us introduce you to potentially the next huge star in country music, Alex Miller. Miller appeared on American Idol this year from Lancaster, Kentucky, and blew the judges away. In fact, Luke Bryan liked him so much, he decided that he wanted to sing a song with him. After listening to the audition, the country star and the star soon-to-be strapped up guitars and ripped Merle Haggard’s song “Big City.”

The seventeen-year-old opened his audition with a song he wrote to his ex-girlfriend. He calls the song “I’m Over You, So Get Over Me,” but I’m not sure how anyone could get over his deep southern drawl. Luke Bryan and the other judges certainly didn’t.

“Thank you, Jesus,” Luke Bryan exclaimed after the performance. He even took it one step further and prompted Alex Miller the biggest question an aspiring country artist could hear. “What happens if you were ever to play the Grand Ole Opry?” Bryan asks. “Because I think I can make a call at some point.”

Luke Bryan Picks Up His Guitar to Play “Big City”

Luke Bryan was so inspired by the performance, he actually picked up his guitar to play with the young man. After making the comment about the Grand Ole Opry, Katy Perry made Bryan pump the breaks on any big promises. “Don’t you want to sing a little song with him first,” Perry asked. “Of course I want to sing a song with him,” Bryan responded, beaming.

Of course, Alex Miller knew “Big City,” as any born and bred country fan should, so the two of them strapped up and let her rip. Their voices meshed surprisingly well despite existing in the same register. Without rehearsal, they both fit into their own separate micro-harmonies to make the song roll on forward with ease. The judges, along with anyone watching from home, presumably, had their jaws on the floor for the spectacular performance.

As Lionel Richie exclaimed, “Oh my god, something special right there.”

From there, Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry walked Alex Miller and his mother into the video room to officially invite the youngster to the next round. They got to share the news with Alex’s family via FaceTime, making the day special and unforgettable for all involved.