Luke Bryan Sports ‘I Voted’ Sticker in New Masked-Up Selfie to Encourage Fans to Vote

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Luke Bryan encouraged his Twitter followers to vote in the upcoming election. The country singer posted a picture of himself returning from the polls. In the photo, Bryan wore a navy blue face mask. He also wore a red pin shaped like Tennessee with the words, “I voted.”

In the post, he wrote, “It’s your right. Go #vote!”

Twitter Reacted to Luke Bryan’s Photo

Bryan’s followers posted a variety of reactions to the photo. Several couldn’t get over how different Bryan looked wearing a face mask. One wrote, “It must be great you can go out in public with the mask, nobody knows who you are!”

Another commented on Bryan’s eyes, “His gorgeous eyes give him away behind that mask.”

Several Twitter users wanted to know who Bryan voted for in the upcoming election. Some users speculated the country singer voted for Donald Trump in his re-election bid. One user wrote, “All aboard the TRUMP TRAIN!! WOOO WOOO.”

Meanwhile, a few users encouraged Bryan’s followers to vote for the Democrats and Joe Biden in the election.

Other Country Singers Encouraged People to Vote

Country music legend Willie Nelson recently encouraged Americans to vote in the upcoming election. Nelson has officially endorsed Biden for president.

In a video, he said, “It don’t matter how you vote or who you vote for just go vote. Vote now; vote quick, hurry up. … Just go vote.”

Meanwhile, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw recently donned face masks to cast their votes. They accepted Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s challenge to challenge three friends to go vote in the upcoming election.