Luke Bryan Thanks Fans for Big AMA’s Win From the Woods in Full Camo: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott

Always big on gratitude, Luke Bryan is sharing the Thanksgiving spirit with country music fans after winning the AMA’s Favorite Male Country Artist. The country star’s latest Twitter post captures Bryan sporting full camp out in the woods ahead of the American holiday. Check it out.

Of the feat, Luke Bryan shared, “It was really a big surprise and such a[n] honor.” The singer then thanked all AMA voters. He then wished his fans and followers on Twitter a Happy Thanksgiving from the woods, well-known to be one of the country star’s favorite locations.

Always one to draw fans’ attention, commenters wish Luke Bryan a vast array of Thanksgiving blessings, in addition to congratulating the country artist on his AMA win.

“Happy Thanksgiving to you & all the family!” wrote one Luke Bryan fan. “We can’t think of anybody else more deserving.”

“Congratulations on your award,” wrote another country music fan. “[Y]ou are [an] amazing performer, and I hope you and your family have [an] amazing holiday.”

Likewise, we hope all you Outsiders have an equally amazing and memorable day this Thanksgiving.

Luke Bryan Pairs Up with Jordan Davis for Hit ‘Buy Dirt’

While Luke Bryan has a brand new award to be thankful for this holiday season, the country star is also reigning in the blessings with his and fellow country artist Jordan Davis’s hit song, “Buy Dirt.”

Currently spinning on country radio across the nation, “Buy Dirt” communicates similar values to those that spotlight in media prominently at this time of the year. Overall, Bryan and Davis’s new song emphasizes the importance of family.

Some of the lyrics communicate this exact thought as the artists sing, “Find the one you can’t live without/buy a ring, let your knee hit the ground/do what you love, but call it work,” and so forth. In essence, Luke Bryan takes time alongside Jordan Davis to reflect on time as grass and children grow, love as we age beside our partners, and faith.

So, while Luke Bryan is expressing gratitude for fans, his AMA award, and the outdoors, we can also look to some of his songs for the most meaningful of blessings.

A Country Icon Enters ‘Dad Mode’

Alongside maintaining his role as one of country music’s most iconic modern stars, Luke Bryan previously went viral for a good deed that one fan said saw the star enter “dad mode.”

In October, single mom Courtney Potts got a flat tire in a small Tennessee town with her two children in the backseat. As her car sat on the side of the road, who other than Luke Bryan pulls up?

Known for his comical personality and authenticity, Bryan immediately pulled over to help the woman and her family. Footage captured by Potts during the encounter saw the country star immediately kneel beside the car to change the flat.

In speaking of the encounter, Bryan shared, “I just did what you oughta do.” He continued, “I had no idea she was videoing me.”

On the other hand, Potts shared, “He’s just a humble guy…All these women commenting on his butt…and it was more of a dad moment.”

Of all things, we’re especially thankful for Luke Bryan this holiday season.