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Luke Bryan Takes on Tyler Farr in Dove Hunting Competition

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: ABC via Getty Images)

Watch as Luke Bryan and Tyler Farr go head to head for a good ol’ fashioned Tennessee dove hunting competition – with hilarious results.

Who’s the better dove shot? Buck Commander poses the question on their official Instagram account, teasing their latest episode. Within, country stars Luke Bryan and Tyler Farr face off in the age-old sport of dove hunting. And if the teaser is anything to go by, Farr may be far behind Bryan in shooting skill.

Luke Bryan vs Tyler Farr: Tennessee Dove-off

“We’re down at Lee Brice’s dove field – just a few miles from my house,” Bryan says as he kicks off the episode. “Nice to have good buddies with good dove fields!”

Moments later, Bryan fires a shot, bags a dove, and celebrates with a “how’d you like that!?”

Farr, meanwhile, can be seen missing… several times… with what has to be a personal trademark phrase: “That’s a little far for ol’ Farr,” the star mumbles with a smile.

Missing seems to be the name of the game, too. According to Buck Commander’s synopsis of their latest episode, viewers can expect “more birds, more dogs, and way too many misses.” If they chose to show them all, BC jokes, “this would be a full hour long episode!!” Regardless, the country stars seem to be having a grand time – and the episode should make for equally grand viewing.

Watch: Buck Commander’s latest with Bryan & Farr


Luke Bryan and Tyler Farr are gunnin’ after a limit of doves in Tennessee! Special guest Phillip Culpepper (Hunt Club with Phillip Culpepper) brings Bandit along to retrieve the birds. He gets to them fast as lightning but bringing them back is another story. Day 2 finds our guys at Lee Brice’s farm just down the road. More birds, more dogs, and way too many misses. We won’t show all of them or else this would be a full hour long episode!!

Buck Commander

Bryan is an experienced hunter and collaborator with BC – and always entertaining to watch. Farr, too, is an avid outdoorsman and fisherman. The two are good friends outside of their mutual career, too – making for a competition that’s more about a good time, than a winning number. In the beginning, anyway.

The full episode is now live on Buck Commander’s YouTube page, which you can view here.